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Alms for the Poor

Posted by Exile on February 7, 2016

We recently had one of those TV marathon evenings to collect money for ‘The Poor’. The poor and needy. Not our own of course, but the poor and needy who live in what we call ‘The
Third World’. Which I find a strange term as we only have one world, albeit in differing stages of development due to geography, human resilience, determination, invention and ability.
I make no apologies for my living in one of the better evolved places on this earth, mainly because all that I have, I worked for. Nobody gave me anything. I think I would have survived
no matter where I was born because I’m a stubborn old git and always have been. Even when I was a stubborn young git.
But I digress..

Back to the point. According to a rather well developed and well written website that I found it necessary to visit, ‘poverty’ is defined as having to live for less than $2,50 a day.
The website goes on to explain that nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day and that more than 1.3 billion live in extreme
poverty having less than $1.25 a day.
I presume that the latter are included in the former and I also allow myself to assume that the $2.50 / $1,25 they mention is per person.

Just to clarify the figures for my non-English speaking readers, 3 billion is  3,000,000,000: Three thousand million.

Now, back to my original train of thought and my opening gambit. Our telethon, or whatever you may like to call it, raised a healthy 98 million Danish Crowns. That’s about 14.65 million
U.S. dollars. Not bad for a country with a population of 5.6 million, if you don’t count todays immigrants, who probably didn’t get to see the TV…

So, let’s do the maths.. 3,000,000,000 poor people divided by USD14.650,000 gives about 0,0045 USD per person. Which will keep the poor of the world going for about two minutes at the
minimum amount required to call them poverty stricken. And, after these two minutes, they’ll go back to being poor and hungry. Still, they did have a good two minutes at our expense and I’m
sure they are grateful for this generosity and our philanthropic efforts to ease their burden in these times of general hardship.

Pardon me, but what a debacle this is. It’s like giving a starving man a bean. Pointless. It solves nothing.

I don’t have the answer to world wide poverty. I know that simply throwing cash at it doesn’t help. How do I know? Because we’ve been doing it for donkeys years and those people are
still poor. What is worse, is that they will continue to be so.

We have reached a saturation point.  The world is overpopulated as it is.
Perhaps reducing the population might bring down the numbers. The fewer there are, the more there is to go round.
Perhaps getting some industry going in these far off places would help. Or farms? I daresay that providing a clean water supply would help too.

Of course, if the ‘third world’ gave up tribal war and starting building instead of destroying everything around them, that would help too.

There is one other aspect of this generosity we have displayed. It sends the wrong signal to our politicians. If we have so much money to simply give away, then we still have money to be
taken in taxes. Which simply encourages them to continue giving large portions of our wealth away to pointless projects in failed states governed by their fellow fat and corrupt politicians
and despotic dictators.

For the record, I did not donate. I’m too busy looking after myself and those that are dependant on me.

Like, all those ‘refugees’…



Footnote: I had to edit this as I found I’d got my maths wrong. Corrected now!


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A Step in the Right Direction

Posted by Exile on February 5, 2016

Some good news today. The ‘out’ crowd have taken the lead in the great debate going on in the UK on the continued membership (or not) of the EU. I never wanted us to be in it from the start and voted ‘no’ back then. My own misgivings of what the future might bring have been realised in the worst way as the EU jackboot has marched over everything that is even slightly critical of it.

Referendums totally ignored, or to be repeated ad nauseam until the ‘right’ result was obtained. Courts set up to determine what policies were acceptable or not and then force those results onto an impotent population who are not even allowed to elect the EU leaders. The building of a supranational state. Foreign dictatorship.

All this was challenged by one party during the run up to the last UK elections. UKIP. Seeing that Britain’s only real viable future lies outside the EU, they campaigned hard for an exit poll to be taken. The Tory elitists were so rattled by the support for UKIP that they promised to hold the asked for referendum. And they won the election on that promise.

So now, they are caught out. The EU referendum will come. At some point.

I do see a way for them to weasel their way out though. At least, temporarily.

The PM, David Cameron, has begun a renegotiation of the agreement on membership of the EU. He has presented his ‘demands’. It really doesn’t amount to much and can hardly be called a renegotiation. It lacks teeth, vision and support. It will mean nothing.
The thing is, that while these ‘negotiations’ continue, he won’t call a referendum. How can he? “We’re still discussing the terms of our membership.” will be his war cry.

And knowing the EU, that can go on for a very long time….

See what Yougov has to say about it all…


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Proper Correctness

Posted by Exile on February 3, 2016

Occasionally I choose to sit by the window, smoke my pipe and observe the world going past me. Sitting still for any length of time serves the mind and the thought processes
that go on inside my head. Listening to the radio and hearing the news, it came upon me that we need a new way to describe our world and a new way to live in it. News of more
rapes and other atrocities being covered up by failing leadership and a failing police force under orders to protect the criminal more than the victim begin to move my thoughts.
I couldn’t help but wonder; How have we arrived here?

I noticed that no mention was made of the attackers. Not by name, colour or creed, religion or nationality. No statistics, no indication of the perpetrators. I think we all know the reasons
why but no-one of any importance is prepared to step forward and change, nor even to challenge, this sorry state of affairs, probably because of the fear of being immediately being vilified in the press and labelled as ‘racist’. Which is a simple way of avoiding the situation by attacking the man who does stand up instead of tackling the basic problem at large.

This has to stop. Name calling is not helpful, nor is it relevant in our society today. Society needs open debate to survive. That has been taken from us. No longer having the recourse
of open and frank discussion, when one part goes unheard and unheeded, society will fall into the unavoidable situation that is tribal war at best and civil war at worst.

One of the main reasons for all this, is the disgraceful and inelegant use of what we call ‘political correctness’. I see this as a tool to enable the reduction of any society to something
it can never be: a single homogenous population with an enforced single perception of reality and truth, even if that society is built on lies and deceit.
And I accuse the vast majority of our elected (and unelected) leaders of forcing this upon us and using whatever means they have at their disposal to do so, including the misuse of
the police, the law and the courts.

Go to any dictionary and one can read the following, or a paraphrasing of it:

Politically correct: adj. Abbr. PC

Conforming to a particular sociopolitical ideology or point of view, especially to a liberal point of view concerned with promoting tolerance and avoiding offense in matters
of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

Demonstrating progressive ideals, esp. by avoiding vocabulary that is considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental, esp. concerning race and gender.

So I ask the questions. What happens if one doesn’t conform to a particular sociopolitical ideology or point of view? What if ones own perception of society differs from that?
And how do we combat it?

I believe we need to create a new forum to move in. Political correctness has failed us, as it always would in the end. We need a new yardstick to base discussion and behaviour on.

I want to have a little "Proper Correctness". I have no idea how to define that in simple terms But I know what I want…

I want to restore the proper values in society and replace the tortured world of fabricated speech, pseudonyms and actions that we have been forced to live by in the past two or three decades.
I want common sense to prevail over a state of enforced commonness and compliance.
I want a little indignation to bring a sense of dignity and decency back to our world.
I want to see the victim free of victimisation after the fact. Self defence should not be a crime, nor should it be treated as such. 
I want to be able to hear a man speak his mind without him having to fear derogation, derision and disparagement or having to face the courts for merely stating his honest opinion.
I want the law to be used to reflect and defend both public and personal opinion instead of oppressing it.

Feel free to join in….

I’m sure I’m not alone.

It just feels like it.

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Re-writing the Dictionary..

Posted by Exile on February 3, 2016

Racist: A derogatory and now meaningless term used by (esp. left wing) politicians and news media to describe any person or persons voicing their concerns on:

(1) unhindered immigration and the following consequences of that immigration.

(2) the failings of the government in controlling criminal immigrants.

(3) the actions of police in defending and sheltering criminal immigrants.

(4) rising crime rates due to immigration (esp. rape, theft, fraud and acts of terrorism).

(5) the actions of one particular religious group that aspires to the complete and utter destruction of our civilisation.

The term is also used (esp. by left wing politicians) to describe any person or persons having a superior argument to said politicians or news media in any debate on any of the above subjects.

Xenophobe: See ‘Racist’.

Nazi: See ‘Racist’.

Islamophobe: See ‘Racist’.


See. The name calling doesn’t work any more. At least not on me.

I seem to remember the words of an old song that I loved as a younger man:

“Momma take this badge off of me,
I can’t use it any more….”

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A Gift for a Would-be Rapist

Posted by Exile on January 30, 2016

We are supposed to be proud of our society. This society has been built on law. Notably, not islamic or sharia law, but a fair and just system of laws made to protect the innocent and punish the guilty and preserve order. It is failing.

Some days ago a 17 year old girl, or young woman, depending on how you view these things, was attacked and an attempt was made by her attacker to rape her. This happened in Sønderborg, a provincial town in South Jutland. Her attacker was a foreigner. He spoke English but was not of European origin.
Bravely, she fought back and managed to free herself from him by using a simple, non-lethal device known as a pepper spray. He fled and she reported the attack to the local police.

A bit of a non-story, you may think. And I’d be inclined to agree with you up to a certain point. That certain point comes when we examine the response of the local police. Never mind the attacker, he’s disappeared back into the hole he escaped from. No, no. Let him be. We won’t even look for him.

But you, young lady, are a criminal now. With a criminal record. The crime? Possession and use of an illegal weapon.

The girl has been arrested, tried and fined for possessing and using a pepper spray. No mention of self defence here. No mention of why she had it or used it. The full weight of the law has been used to punish her for this heinous act.

Excuse me?

In some far off and distant lands, well, not so distant these days, if a woman is raped she is immediately accused of adultery, found guilty and stoned to death. We find that to be abhorrent.
”How can she be guilty?”, we scream. “Madness”, we cry. “They are animals”.
Is this affair any different?

Here we have a young woman being attacked by some rapist thug from another world and culture who wasn’t even invited here, defending herself, going to the very people we expect to help and comfort her and give some redress to society by actually catching the offender and bring him to justice, but she is the criminal?
Worse still, that the courts uphold the charges, proclaim her guilty and impose a hefty fine.
Which tells other women in our ordered society that this form of self defence is not acceptable and you should actually give in to the rapist scum and let the police “investigate” the offense? To what end? Our police are no more than tax collectors these days. There is no money in catching criminals. There is money in fines imposed by the state to punish.. well.. this wrong-doing young woman, for instance.
Her attacker is still on the loose by the way. But now he knows, that any woman he chooses to attack in the future won’t be spraying pepper in his eyes.
And therein lies the problem. Here we have the police doing very little, if anything at all, to catch him, a court making self defence inadmissible and both actions encourage the rapist to try again.

The judge should have thrown this one out and commended her for her bravery. The police should be looking for a rapist and our oh-so holier than thou politicians should be addressing this fatal flaw in our law. The argument that criminals will use pepper spray to carry out crimes should not make its use in self defence illegal. The criminal will use it anyway. The criminal is intent on breaking the law.

Innocent victims are, apparently, not allowed that luxury.

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It’s been a while…

Posted by Exile on January 30, 2016

In fact, it’s been four years. After the death of Osama Bin Laden and the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, I took time out to address a few things in my life. My family needed me, I needed a break and I realised that all around me was falling to bits anyway, whether I was here or not. No-one was listening. We were sinking onto the depths of European dictatorship and nothing was being done to stem the foreign invasion that is islam at its worst. I was considering finding a new land beyond Europe to live in and move my entire family.

Things have changed. The people have begun to stir. There are motions afoot to break up the evil EU. Or, at least, to limit its ever increasing dictatorial powers. The influx of millions of migrants claiming to be refugees have stirred people to action. Asylum centres are being burned, Migrants are being stopped at various internal borders and refused entry to some lands. It seems that we are no longer prepared to be led like lambs to slaughter by politicians who are out of touch with the people that put them in power. There is a growing dissatisfaction with the unelected leaders of the EU who no longer represent anything vaguely European and are intent on the destruction of member nations. The multicultural ideals of these pandering communist has-beens are being challenged on many levels. And rightly so. Some of us have been saying it for years. Nobody was listening then. They are now.

The recent developments of the last six months have changed the face of Europe and, I believe, changed the European people. We no longer trust our leaders. We no longer support them at every turn of the screw. There is dissent. And it is gaining momentum.

Because of this, I have decided to get back into the ring. Early retirement means I can take the time to reflect at my leisure and settle my thoughts before committing them to this tired old blog. I took the time to re-read a lot of it. I was not surprised to see how much has not changed, despite the need for that change. I was a little surprised to see how accurate my thoughts and assumptions had been on so many things.

Hopefully, I can repeat that now.

It is my belief that the EU must be destroyed. It is also my belief that islam brings no good with it.

It is my intent to point those two things out at every opportunity.

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Posted by Exile on February 28, 2012

A shakespearean tragedy.

Somewhere in Damascus.


Enter the Foreign Minister….

FM (excited): Mr. Bashar, Sir. May the rivers of milk and honey flow from your ears.

Bashar: Thank you. And yours. What’s up?

FM(excited still.): We’ve received another communiqué from the UN Sir.

Bashar: I see. What does it say?

FM: They’re condemning us, oh mighty president, Sir.

Bashar (Stands up): Really? To what, exactly, are they condemning us?

FM (trembling): Er.. hang on, your eloquence, just having a quick read.. blah.. blah.. condemn.. blah.. murder of the innocents… blah… blah… Banki Moon..
Uhm.. They don’t say, Sir.

Bashar (Sits again.): Oh. Well. That’s annoying. Are they expecting an answer?

FM: I don’t think so, oh magnificent one.

Bashar: Hmmm… OK. Not to worry. How’s it going in Homs?

FM: Wonderful. We’ve slaughtered a shed load of ‘em today.

Bashar: Good. Carry on.

FM: Very well, your almightiness. What should I do with this communiqué?

Bashar: The same as you did with the last one.

FM: Ah, yes. The sanctions are working. No toilet paper….
(exits left.)


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Posted by Exile on February 24, 2012

I had to invent that heading. It’s the only way I can describe what’s going on in the Middle East. I have been graced with having no regular TV for the past week but I do have a satellite receiver set up so I can receive some news channels. CNN, BBC, Euronews, Al Jebloodyzera et al. All of them are showing stories from Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Egypt.

The content is pretty much the same on all of these channels. Muslims killing muslims. All over the place. I don’t really care. OK, it’s a shame that a couple of western reporters were killed in Homs in Syria, but why the hell were they there? To report the “struggle for freedom” from Assad Bashar and his evil regime. OK. And if they succeed in their struggle; what will they replace it with? Another islamic republic. But they’re getting no aid, say these reporters. OK. Let’s have a look at that. Libya got some. That country is also falling into the hands of the islamic priesthood and ideological discussion instead of good government. Slowly perhaps, but it’s on its way. Is that any improvement? Did the aid help? I don’t think so.

Afghanistan. Riots all over the country. Neighbour killing neighbour. Why? Because some soldier who doubtless had been ordered to clear up the barracks and get rid of the rubbish threw a copy of the islamic book of nursery rhymes onto the bonfire. Shouts of “Death to America”. Cries of punishment by death. Murder on the streets. Allah u akbar. How very modern and civilised. It’s apparent that after ten years of help and support, the people haven’t moved more than five minutes away from the middle ages. Democracy? They have no conception of it. They don’t want it. And they don’t want us in their crap country anyway.
And when we leave, that country too will revert to the failed medieval islamic state that it always was, governed by sick Taleban religious fanatics with guns and swords ready to cut the arms and legs and heads off of children who are simply trying to learn to read from a book other than the bloody koran. As my good friend said when the punch up started in the pub, “Gentlemen, it’s time to leave”.

Somalia. An already hopelessly failed state now trying to rebuild after years of fundamental islamic abuse. Main occupations; Piracy and kidnapping. Most popular item for a christening gift; An AK-47. Everybody has one. Staple diet; Dust. Main sources of income; Foreign aid and ransom. Main export; Refugees. And now our misguided governments in the west have agreed to pour even more money into the stinking bottomless pit. All to no avail as long as Al-shebab, funded by Al-queda and piracy, is still holding more than half of the country.

Egypt? On its way to Islamic oppression. They have no idea of what a true democracy is either. Otherwise, the islamic brotherhood wouldn’t be the major player in their political system.

Considering that the west is going through the worst financial crisis imaginable, it’s time to cut the whole lot off and leave it all to the good people of Allah-land to sort it out for themselves. If Allah is really so “akbar”, then I’m sure they’ll be OK. They don’t like us anyway, they won’t thank us for our concern or our money and anything we do only draws their final demise out.

Still, as long as they’re killing each other and not us, then good luck to ‘em. I don’t give a shiite.

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Cartoon of the Century.

Posted by Exile on October 28, 2011

This just about says it all….


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Osama bin Laden is Dead

Posted by Exile on May 2, 2011

That’s a good thing. Well done Navy Seals. Bravo. That’s what I call taking the Bin out…

Some questions arise:

How and why was he allowed to live a life of luxury close to the capital city of Pakistan for such an apparently long time?
Why was he buried at sea instead of just being unceremoniously thrown overboard? (Preferably after having been cut into fish size bites.)
Who in Pakistan and in the government of Pakistan has been protecting him all these years and what will the consequences of this mean to them?

While we ponder these things, I’m celebrating with a jigger of the good Scotch.

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