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Another (different) martyr.

Posted by Exile on March 28, 2006

It is no secret that we have a muslim community in Denmark. It is no secret that some of these are fairly fundamental in their beliefs and actions. There is, however, a different breed among them. A recently formed group calling themselves ‘Democratic Muslims’.
The group is headed up by a fully integrated muslim, now an MP, called Naser Khader. I admire this guy. He has to live under police protection. He has recently recieved threats (indirectly) against his life and is presently holding a low profile for his own safety and to spend time with his family.
Why? Because he dares to speak out on behalf of democracy and holds the simple opinion that the law of the land is more important than religion in matters of normal social behaviour. He has laid out what he terms ‘The ten commandments of democracy’. I unashamedly bring them here, copied from his website,- www.khader.dk :

The ten commandments of Democracy.

1. We must all separate politics and religion, and we must never place religion above the laws of democracy.
2. We must all respect that all people have equal rights regardless of sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
3. No person must ever incite to hatred, and we must never allow hatred to enter our hearts.
4. No person must ever use or encourage violence – no matter how frustrated or wronged we feel, or how just our cause.
5. We must all make use of dialogue – always.
6. We must all show respect for the freedom of expression, also of those with whom we disagree the most.
7. No person can claim for themselves or assign to others a place apart, neither as superior persons, as inferior persons or as eternal victims.
8. We must all treat other people’s national and religious symbols as we wish them to treat ours – flag-burning and graffiti on churches, mosques and synagogues are insults that hinder dialogue and increase the repression of the other party.
9. We must all mind our manners in public. Public space is not a stage on which to vent one’s aggressions or to spread fear and hate, but should be a forum for visions and arguments, where the best must win support.
10. We must all stand up for our opponent if he or she is subjected to spiteful treatment.

The commandments were first voiced in a speech by Naser Khader in 2002.

I wish this man all the best. I doubt that it will make a difference but I am allowed to hope.
At the very least, it is a start by an organisation of moderate muslims to balance the rhetoric of the mullahs and imams that so easily and willingly spread nothing more than hatred and preach nothing more than damnation of the society that I live in. That this one man is prepared to put his life on the line and live (or die?) with the consequences of his view of democracy makes him a martyr for me.

The one big difference is, that this particular martyr is still alive.

Let’s keep it that way.


2 Responses to “Another (different) martyr.”

  1. Baron Bodissey said

    Good job! I gave you a link.

  2. Eleanor © said

    I echo the baron in one respect: “Good job,” but I’ll take a wait and see attitude for all the rest. I’ll be visiting often.

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