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Finally on the wing…

Posted by Exile on March 28, 2006

Well, I finally got in on the blogosphere with my own blog. Goodday to you all and I hope you will enjoy sharing my thoughts.

Like this old rhino, I get to be pretty immovable at times. I think things through, make up my mind and stick with it. Argue if you like, it won’t get through my thick skin.

The blog title ‘On the wing’ is a statement in itself. Which particular wing I’m on is up to you to decide.

Watch this space. It may be surprise or infuriate you, or it might even make you laugh. Take it or leave it.

Like the rhino, I have my space and I’ll fill it.


2 Responses to “Finally on the wing…”

  1. Ralph said

    I saw reference over at Gates of Vienna and stopped by. I am taken by your blog description, “Happy being a bit grumpy in my middle-middle age.” I am 53 and my blog description is “Ruminations of a Yankee curmudgeon.” Sounds like we might have things in common. This is a good thing.

    I don’t write much original stuff, yet. Mostly I post links to articles, etc. I’d like to limber up my writing arm and will be “watching this space” to see how you are doing.

    Welcome and good luck.

  2. Issai said

    Are you the same ‘Exile’ who used to blog on Blogger? If not, then apologies, my mistake. If you are, then hope you are well and nice to see you again. I always enjoyed reading your posts.

    Yep. Same old Exile. I just got disappointed with Blogger. Nice to hear from you again.

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