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Denmark, Democratic Muslims and death threats.

Posted by Exile on April 1, 2006

It was, I suppose, inevitable.
A couple of articles ago, I wrote about the newly started movement “Democratic Muslims” here in Denmark. The very anti-democratic Jihad has already started. Apart from the founder, Naser Khader, other members have started to recieve death threats.

I found an article today in the danish newspaper, Politiken, telling of more than one instance of members of the Democratic Muslims being threatened by neighbours and by Imams in various communities throughout the land. Membership in this organisation is enough to get you a fatwah.
I could copy and paste the article in, but it is in Danish so readers will have to put up with my poor translation. If anybody wants a link to the original article, then please ask. I now quote from the paper:

“The threats come from other muslims, who are angry over the initiative taken by M.P. Naser Khader. Muslims are now coming forward and explaining how hard it is to stand up against islamistic groups.”

It continues:

“… a member of the organisation’s commitee has now decided to leave her post and shift her status to being a member of the organisation. She has had to face being spat upon at work and in her local neighbourhood and has, at one point, had her arm twisted. She wishes to move to another locality. ‘It has become too dangerous for me here.’ she says. She has not reported the incident to the police.”

I wonder why she didn’t go to the police? Witness intimidation?

In Ă…rhus, the main city in Jutland, one man has been threatened in his mosque by imams.
From the article, again my translation, quote:

“…a representative of the organisation, Wisam Muhanna, was threatened by a group of imams in one of the town mosques. According to Mr. Muhanna the imams repeated ‘It would only take one knife, and he is finished’, three or four times until they were sure that he had heard it. Muhanna, a danish citizen, married with children, has also received death threats at home.”

He says, “I have to say something. I am afraid that islamists will destroy Denmark. I want my children to grow up in the democratic Denmark that I love and work for.”

Brave man. My sentiments exactly.

As I said, it was inevitable. A few have tried to infiltrate the organisation from the start and have tried to ‘harden’ the agenda but as actions will surpass words, they have been found out and expelled. If infiltration doesn’t work then perhaps this will. Another form of pressure will probably also be applied as these people have families elsewhere in the world, more than likely in islamic countries. I am sure that infiltration will continue. New members with a false agenda will get involved and then report back to Jihad H.Q. in Denmark – otherwise known as the islamic belief society – Islamiske Trossamfund. (More on this unlikeable organisation at a later date, I am still researching.) Suffice to say, this islamic society is anything but democratically inclined.

The foreman for Democratic Muslims, Asger Aamund, says that he is not surprised at this violent reaction. He decries this threatening behaviour as tragic and is deeply worried. “This is a battle between democracy and a totalitarian society.”

The police are continuing to protect Naser Khader but deny knowledge of other instances of death threats.

A final note of encouragement to Mr. Khader. The organisation Democratic Muslims are holding their first A.G.M. this weekend. Good luck to them. I will be watching the outcome and cheering from the sidelines.

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  1. Ralph said

    Godspeed. [my link]

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