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Nastygram no. 144365-1

Posted by Exile on April 2, 2006

From: Chief Ayatollah – Jihad H.Q.
To: Leauge of Arab Nations

Re.: Present boycott of western goods.

I have noted that decadent infidel secular western lands are not truly feeling any effects of the present boycott. I suggest the following escalation:

1.Recall all the true believers from these infidel decadencies. No longer shall they live on infidel western social benefits! No longer shall they be subjected to decadent infidel free education! No longer shall they suffer secular infidel subsidised housing and medical benefits!

2. We shall no longer accept the infidel foreign aid to our brother lands. Handouts, you cry, we don’t need no stinking handouts. We shall redistribute the wealth from our huge oil exports and care for all our true brethren in their own lands, providing jobs, education, medical insurance for all and equal rights for women.

3. Let the infidels wallow in their own capitalist decadence without the influence of the prophet (PBUH) and his true followers. Let us see by how much they will be forced to reduce taxation of their own citizens when all true believers have abandoned them!

4. Let us..

Oh no, stone me. And my goat. May Allah forgive me. What am I saying? And forget about that comment ‘stone me’. Stoning is a brutal and horrible practise. Oh, damnation. I didn’t mean that either. Ha-ha – only joking – here, take my goat.
Disregard all of the above.
And stop throwing stones at me…

———————————End Nastygram———————————-


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