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The Kosher telephone.

Posted by Exile on April 4, 2006

No. It isn’t a joke. And it is too late for an April Fools day prank. This is a genuine article, on sale from a Motorola daughter company in Israel. The company is called Mirs and is producing a mobile telephone with a built in censorship for the othodox jews. It comes with a guarantee from a commitee of rabis and is incapable of dialling at least 10,000 numbers to sex lines, dating services and other such things of that ilk. The list of numbers is under constant review by the commitee. The whole thing started because, despite their discouragement of TV and radio, the orthodox elders have decided that a mobile telephone is a necessary piece of technology in the 21st century. But something had to be done to keep people on the straight and narrow and out of temptations way!
According to Mirs’ boss, Abrasha Burstyn, there is real interest in the product and they are now planning to export the idea to jewish communities in the United States. Surprisingly there are also Arab states that are showing interest too. The same basic principle of blocking certain numbers could also be used in protecting the sensitivities of nice muslim folks.
Apart from the built in censorship, there is no SMS service, no interface to the internet, no camera function and no video.

Of course I had to check this out, so I went to Mirs Communications to get a peek.

It all seems pretty kosher to me!


3 Responses to “The Kosher telephone.”

  1. Banzas said

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    Stay cool!

  2. Exile said

    Thankyou Banzas, praise indeed!
    Portugese speakers, follow Banzas’ link.

  3. Dymphna said

    Actually this is a good idea for particular markets…I know a # of parents who’d like a phone block like that!

    And this word verification had “THC” in it…hmm… a hippy plot.

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