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Joe six-pack? I know him.

Posted by Exile on April 5, 2006

I was surfing round yesterday evening and paid the now almost obligatory visit to The Gates of Vienna. There are old bloggers and there are bold bloggers but I get the impression that the Baron is both, so I would be pretty naive to go head to head with him and think I could win. I won’t. But I feel it necessary to borrow a bit from the aforesaid ‘old and bold’ gentleman and expand my thoughts on a thought provoking blog. The Baron says:

Forget about the “moderate Muslim”; I’m looking for the “ordinary Muslim”, the Umma’s equivalent of Joe Six-Pack, the guy who holds down a job and supports his family, the woman who raises her kids and tries to keep them from harm. Common sense tells me that people like this must outnumber the raving zealots by several orders of magnitude.

And he preceeded this with the following:

If you think about it, how likely is it that 1.4 billion people are bloodthirsty cutthroats and psychopaths?

I agree with the second quote. How likely is it indeed? However, they don’t all need to be, do they? It is probably true that the greater majority of muslims are not terrorists. It is true, that the greater majority of terrorists are muslims. The point is, perhaps, that nearly all 1.4 billion of them support the ‘bloodthirsty psycopaths’. In my opinion, there are very few that don’t.

Let me explain.

You can’t build much with an RPG. You can’t plant crops with an AK47. Nor are there many industries where cemtex is particularly useful. So who houses, feeds and clothes these animals? Who shelters them, dresses their wounds, hides them from the authorities? I know I don’t. So I presume some other ‘Joe’ does.

I saw muslim Joe Six-pack on the television a few years ago. Ordinary people living ordinary lives, holding down a job, caring for their kids, and having a rare old time clapping, cheering, dancing in the streets and rejoicing at the deaths of over three thousand innocents and the destruction of two great buildings. I have seldom seen such a display of public celebration.

Why did I not see crowds of screaming ordinary Joes burning down the madrassahs where all this hatred is taught? Why do I not see them pointing the terrorists out to the authorities in the various areas where they are known to hide? I don’t believe that armed groups of men can simply ‘blend in’ and go unnoticed in any neighbourhood.
Why do I not see the masses of Joes shunning the more militant mullahs, imams and ayatollahs of hatred? Why do I not see these spiteful leaders being thrown out of the mosques where they preach death to the infidel?

If Joe Six-pack wants my respect he is going to have to start earning it.
If I heard the outcry of indignation from the masses of muslim Joes, if I saw the public condemnation of terrorist organisations, if I read about one township giving up the terrorists that abide in their midst for prosecution under the law, if I heard of just one fundamentalist imam that was publicly reviled and forbidden to preach in a mosque anywhere again, that would be a start.

But I don’t, do I? I don’t hear it, I don’t see it and I haven’t read about it.

I won’t be holding my breath while I’m waiting for it either.

Having said all that, I do have one muslim aquaintance for whom I have a good deal of respect. He openly and publicly vilifies the terrorists, and the taliban. He is an Afghan. Most of his family are lying dead in the hills on the Afghan-Pakistani border. And I should add, that if anyone takes him to task for what or who he is, or what he believes in, then this hairy old celtic anglo-saxon will be the first to stand up and defend him.

Read The Baron’s original blog here.


2 Responses to “Joe six-pack? I know him.”

  1. Ralph said

    Along similar though darker lines see this.

  2. Moved Elsewhere said

    The good Baron stumbled upon the banality of evil and failed to recognize it for what it is.

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