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If Americans knew..

Posted by Exile on April 6, 2006

Working under the assumption that the best way to defeat someone is to understand their motivation, I went off googling to Palestine this evening, looking for palestinian newspapers and the like. The idea was to find out what the average feeling is about Hamas and it’s new found democratic ideas (!)
Armed with the logic that if you are in the woods, and that bears do ‘shit in the woods’, it seems prudent to remember, that if you tread in fresh bear-poo, the bear ain’t very far away!
Extrapolate that to ‘do palestinian newspapers spread anti-Israeli propaganda(?), and you are well prepared for what you might meet. And there was a ton of it. Propaganda. Not bear-poo. OK, it smells the same but there is a difference in presentation.

See, the strange thing about being in the woods is, that even when you see the bear and think you’re safe, something else might come along and bite you in the ass while you’re keeping an eye on him. Guess what. I got my ass bitten.

I stumbled on to a link from the Palestinian Times. This rag has a website and guest reporters from all over the world apparently check in whenever they feel like it. Some of the reporting seems quite balanced. It is a weekly publication as far as I can see. If you want to check it out, use my link.

The link that interested me was titled ‘If Americans knew’. And here is my link to that site.
Now, remembering the bear-poo bit, I opened the link. And this is where I got my ass bitten.
It is an American site.
It claims that America (and the Americans) are being fed misleading information, or too little information, or just plain no information about what is going on in Palestine. The site was started by a certain Ms. Alison Weir, ably assisted by former eleven-term Illinois Congressman Paul Findley and career foreign service officer and Ambassador Andrew I. Killgore.

(Killgore? Now there’s a name. Kill. Gore. Must be islamic!)

I am not the type to offer my enemy succour or sustenance but some of the articles seemed to tell a plausible story. It did illuminate the Palestinian side of a nasty conflict that has been going on for too long. Going back to my last scribbling about the ordinary muslim Joe, this has maybe put a face to him. I still don’t like him much, but you have to try to be fair in these things.

I don’t really know if this is just propaganda, genuine reporting, or more bear shit. You be the judge.
American readers please, if you read this and check the site out, let me know what you think.


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