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Death to the west – but keep sending the money.

Posted by Exile on April 7, 2006

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has not had a good week. His opening of parliament didn’t go too well, what with Fatah getting all puerile on him, and then the US and the EU decides to cut off his allowance. Poor chap. How on earth is Hamas supposed to fulfill its role of tough guy without the green stuff to support it?

Quite frankly I don’t understand that he doesn’t get it. The whole idea is, that if he runs a government that will not accept another country and its right to exist, then he is no better than Hitler, or Stalin, was over Poland. And we all know how that worked out. By not recognising Israel, or not recognising past agreements, they are declaring war. He must know the western stance on this, so why play hardball?

Not surprisingly, he has asked the arab states to give him a handout. He tried Iran but for some strange reason they can’t seem to find a bank capable of handling the finances for him. I have read that the Yemen, U.A.E. and Kuwait have promised 80 million USD in support but no date for transfer has, as yet, been given.

So how much are we talking about here? In dollars. (Moolah for the Mullah?)

According to the figures I dug up, with help from Reuters and the BBC, the US put up 400 million last year. The EU laid 600 million on the table beside that. This doesn’t include the money that goes to NGO’s and so on. It goes more or less directly to the Palestinian Authority. I could not find any figures for the amount put in by arab states anywhere. Does Palestine, (or the Palestinian Authority) get anything from the arab world? I mean, on a regular basis? Or do they just supply the AK47’s, RPG’s, rockets, bullets and Cemtex and finance the terrorists?

Anyhow, bottom line, about 1 billion Dollars a year from the west. Each year. Since 1993? No wonder Arafat was smiling. And how much closer are we now, for all that decadent infidel western cash, to a peaceful settlement in the Middle East since then?

Not one inch.

Not surprising really. As long as you are getting paid 1 billion dollars a year to make war on your enemy by your enemy, then why make peace? Perhaps this direct sanctioning will finally buy us some sense instead of all the mindless suicide bombings and futile posturing.

The strange thing is perhaps, that Hamas may be the right organisation to make a peace agreement. Their politics cover a broad field of subjects dear to the hearts of almost all of the factions of Palestinian ‘resistance’. The PLO, PFLP, Al-Aqsa and all the innumerable martyrs-of-something-or-other brigades have a certain respect for Hamas. They see Hamas as ‘the big dog’ and won’t risk barking at it too loudly. Fatah never had that support. With the right incentives, Haniya could be the one to write his name in history as the man who pulled it off with Israel.

Cutting off Mr. Haniyas allowance is one thing, but let’s not just send him to his room and ground him for good.


One Response to “Death to the west – but keep sending the money.”

  1. Moved Elsewhere said

    As I recall, the PA government budget is 1.9 billion dollars a year. PA tax revenues are $250 million. All other income is foreign charity.

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