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Another line in the sand?

Posted by Exile on April 10, 2006

An article in The Times caught my eye this weekend. (I mean the real Times, of London).
Apparently Saudi arabia (King Abdullah) is a little concerned about the growing power of the Shia muslims in Iraq and their influence on the primarily shia population in the south east area of Saudi which houses most of the oil fields. Remember now, that Iran is also shia in it’s disposition and the saudis trust them even less.
The saudis are adamant about their successes agains elements of Al-Queda but fear that insurgency in Iraq may incite a minor infraction of the peace in the magic kingdom. At the same time, they want to keep insurgents returning from Iraq out of Saudi.

So how does one counter the possible overspill of sectarian violence and terrorism?


You take a leaf out of Israel’s book of national defences and build a wall. Or in this case a fence. The plan is to fence off the Saudi border with Iraq. All 900 kilometers of it.
Do I see another Maginot line here? Another Berlin wall? A great barricade across the desert with watch towers, minefields and machine guns? Or perhaps something a little less ambitious, like the rabbit fence across Australia?

I do not profess to be a tactical genius but I think I see a flaw in this brilliant piece of strategic arab planning. See the map below and follow the red lines. You can click on the map for a larger view of the stunning military thinking behind my reasoning.

I do hope King Abdullah is reading this. He might just hire me as national security advisor and pay me millions of shekels!

My thanks to The Times for tipping me on this one.


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