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Mubarak, go home!

Posted by Exile on April 11, 2006

Occasionally you find things that are just heaven-sent. Almost too amusing to let go by without comment. Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian top dog, has really put his foot in it over Iraq and it’s civil strife by calling it civil war.
The Tehran Times (Yes, they have one too..) is fronting an article full of affrontery and hurt feelings! Oh, joy!
Here are some quotes from the article:

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari strongly condemned Mubarak’s remarks. “The comments have upset Iraqi people, who come from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, and have astonished and discontented the Iraqi government,” he told reporters Sunday. Expressing his dissatisfaction with Mubarak’s statements, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said these “accusations against our Shia brothers are baseless, and we have asked our foreign minister to talk to Egypt about this.” In nearby Kuwait, whose population is one third Shia, Shia MPs and clerics lashed out at Egypt’s leader.

I can’t wait to see the Nastygram on that one. The article continues:

“Nothing can satisfy Shias except a clear, official apology from President Mubarak.”

Now, where have I heard that before?

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has also denounced Mubarak’s assertion that Arab Shias’ main allegiance is to Iran. The Shia party described Mubarak’s statements as lies meant to stir up tension between the Arab world’s Sunni and Shia communities.
“These are dangerous and false words that reveal fanaticism and sectarianism aimed at sowing discord wished for by America,” said prominent Hezbollah member Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek.

Right. Well done Hezbollah. Another interesting and valid point from our armed forces..! They are almost exploding (whoops, no hinting at suicide bombers here) with indignation. Lovely stuff.

It was completely uncalled for,” said Mohammed Sayed Said, political analyst with the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.
“He is giving an impression that there is a Sunni-Shia divide in the Arab world. This way he is condemning half the population. Mr. Mubarak used to be a man who calculated his words carefully, but I think age makes a difference,” said the Cairo-based analyst.

There. It’s official. Mubarak is a senile old git.

And finally, the Islamic disclaimer:

Sunni Arab leaders have repeatedly said that those who attack Shia gatherings and kill innocent civilians in the streets are not Muslims. It is not difficult to figure out that the suicide bombings in Iraq are not part of a civil war but terrorist acts similar to the assassination of Ahmad Shah Masood of Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance, the September 11, 2001 attacks, the bombings of the Madrid subway and London underground, and many other outrages.

Now isn’t it nice to know that all those suicide bombers and so on aren’t really muslims? Then someone tell me please, since when do all the other religions of the world cut peoples heads off while screaming ‘Allah u-akhbar’? Who are these people?
Oh, I know. Of course! It’s an american/zionist plot designed to spread discord and destabilise the peaceloving civilisations of our brother arab nations!

Read thew whole hilarious hooting match here .


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