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Nastygram nr. 354287-2D

Posted by Exile on April 12, 2006

From: Ibrahim Jaafari, Iraq.
To: Hosni Mubarak, Egypt.

Greetings my muslim brother. May the piss of Allah be upon you and in your household, you self-righteous toad. May the fleas from a thousand camels infest your underwear. Insh’ Allah.

These comments of yours about the current civil war in Iraq are just not on. Just because the sunnis are killing the shia and the shias are killing the sunni and Al-queda is killing anything for the fun of it and the americans are killing anyone who shoots at them, there is no reason for this blatant outburst of honesty.

I expect a full official apology from you. Nothing less will do.

You have really, really hurt our feelings.

You are no better than those bloody danes with their bloody cartoons all over the freakin’ papers.

If you don’t apologise I will send some of our Hezbollah boys over there and have them shove the great pyramid up your ass. Stone by stone. And that will hurt. And then we’re going to burn your bloody flag and burn down your embassy. And boycott you. So there.

I have angry shias up to my armpits now, thanks to you.

I have to go now. There is an unruly mob of armed citizens outside my office. But that isn’t civil war. It’s a peacefull demonstration here in Baghdad. Really.

Don’t forget that apology.

P.S. Regards from the wife, and the wife, and the wife.

————————End Nastygram———————-


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