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United we stand…

Posted by Exile on April 16, 2006

Having had the chance to further develop my blogsite over the Easter holidays has started me thinking about the whole affair. I was contacted by another Danish blogger, Freya4freedom, blogsite Anti-dhimmi, now linked in my sidebar. A great site. The site even has a built in video section and I should mention that Ken Lydell helps with the cataloguing there. (See Ken’s site, again linked in my sidebar – “Islamicevil”).
Link them later if you haven’t seen them yet.

The idea I had was to form some kind of anti-islamic blog club here in Denmark. I replied to Freya’s e-mail and offered my suggestion. I was thinking in terms of something along the lines of The infidels Blogger Alliance or perhaps even Little Green Footballs.
Response was tentatively positive and so I may be needing to get back to Freya and discuss this some more. But for now, I’ll go public and see if there is some support for this.

Why do we need such a thing here(?), you may ask. A number of reasons spring to mind:

1. The larger sites are nearly all based in the USA. There are certainly others but not many, and therefore the European aspects are thinly represented.

2. The more sites that are available to us would enable us to crossreference each other from a common base. My network is not large but once you start to connect individual networks, the growth rate is enormous.

3. The bigger it is, the more it gets read, and eventually, heard.

4. The media will eventually pick it up if there are enough of us. Goodness knows, they need a wake up call too.

There are doubtless other advantages, (such as increased traffic on our sites), that I cannot fathom at the moment. We had a great Easter lunch with friends here yesterday so I am feeling a little fragile at the moment. Danish readers will understand this. (Skål)!!
Should this suggestion be worthy of greater attention, then I am ready to hear from you. I have no idea how it will look, how it will work, what to call it, or how to put it together yet but everything has to have a beginning, and that is always the hard part. Think about the last time Denmark had to form a resistance to occupation!

Thoughts please. Drop a comment here or e-mail me. Everything gets read.

Happy Easter.

One Response to “United we stand…”

  1. Moved Elsewhere said

    Please update your link to Islamic Evil. It can now be found at http://kenlydell.typepad.com/islamic_evil/

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