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Talking Turkey…!

Posted by Exile on April 24, 2006

I often go and visit MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute. They give me an analysis of the eastern press and tip me off as to what’s being said by whom and about what. Today’s little (not so little) eyecatcher busies itself with the apparent crumbling of the US’ trust in Turkey and Turkey’s growing anti-americanism.
The American-Turkish Council’s annual conference, which took place in Washington, D.C. in late March 2006, reflected the current chill in Turkish-U.S. relations. Both sides are unhappy with each others performance. This harks back to the start of the Iraq war when the Turks refused to allow US soldiers to egress through Turkey to aid the invasion. I thought this was a bit strange at the time, Turkey being a NATO member.
The visit by Hamas to Turkey wasn’t the sharpest of moves by the turkish government either. The rebuttal being, that Turkey believes that the US is talking to the PKK, the kurdish separitist movement, so why shouldn’t they talk to Hamas? Apparently there was a bit of row over this and everyone ended up with a bit of egg on their faces.
Another bone of contention was the showing and wide approval (in Turkey) of the film,”Valley of the Wolves”, and the reaction of PM Erdogan’s wife, who went to the premiere and called the film “moving and very lifelike”.

PM Erdogan’s own reaction to the film?

It is noteworthy that in a recent interview with Robert Pollock of The Wall Street Journal, PM Erdogan refrained from condemning, or even criticizing, this “religiously and racially divisive” film that depicts Americans “murdering and dismembering Iraqis, to steal their organs for Jewish markets.” Instead, Erdogan justified the making of this film, and its popularity, by saying that it was “based on media reports” and “TV images.

(I don’t actually remember seeing that on CNN. Or the Beeb. Must have been one of those days where I was out doing something other than watching the TV. I don’t seem to have read anything about american soldiers dismembering iraqis either. Hmmm.. now how did I miss that? Oh well, onward ho..)

All of the above brought forth this comment:

Despite 50 years of strategic Turkey-U.S. alliance, ever since the AKP came to power Turkish polls have shown continued erosion of these relations. A recent study found that the vast majority of Turks harbor anti-American sentiment and see the U.S. as a major threat to Turkey.

So the average opinion of the average Joe Turk is that the US is a threat to Turkey.
Now why is that?

The turks don’t like having to face up to their own past mistakes or misdeeds. They are reluctant to discuss the Armenian massacre, they invaded Cyprus, they are Greece’s arch enemy, they do not like the kurds and now they do not like the infidel yankee any more either. So how long is it before they begin to dislike the the rest of the EU, apart from just Greece? Despite their overtures toward the EU they are dragging their feet on reforms. They appear to support Hamas, and they are now falling back on the old islamic prejudice and “reason-for-everything-wrong”, wait for it…:

AKP Party Deputy Chairman and MP Saban Disli said that the incident was a provocation by the Jewish lobby. […] ‘There is an attempt to create an atmosphere that relations with the U.S. are severed, that they are finished. The Jewish lobby is behind all this.'”

So there we have it. Again, it is a Jewish plot. I knew it. The truth is, as far as I can see, that Turkey is fast on the road to becoming the next Islamic state. That would give rise to the opinion that the US is the greatest threat to Turkey.

And they want to join the EU?

No, I say. A thousand times no. They are not, they never will be, nor should they ever be allowed to be assimilated into the EU. And while we’re at it, let’s exclude them from NATO too, before it’s too late to stop them selling us out to their Islamic brethren.

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