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I am not a racist.

Posted by Exile on April 26, 2006

And I object strongly to being called one.
This rant, I hope, will explain my stance.
Let us start with the Oxford english dictionary:

1.The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

1. I do not “believe” as stated in the former definition. I believe all men are equal.We are all equally “human”.
2. A man’s nationality, colour or appearance does not cause my antagonism nor will I discriminate against him or treat him differently from anyone else.
So, by the definition provided by the foremost authority on the english language, I am not a racist.

Let’s try looking up racism:

• noun
1. The belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race.
2. Discrimination against or antagonism towards other races.
— DERIVATIVES: racist – noun & adjective.

Again, I have to say, that I do not fall into either of these categories. I refer to my former defense. I am not guilty of racism.

So what brought this on? Well, someone called me a racist. Why? Probably because I am not shy about denouncing and vilifying muslim terrorists who bomb, kill, rape, plunder, maim, kidnap and usurp the civilisations that they can’t emulate, in the name of Islam.
This is another man’s definition of “racism”? I beg to differ.

Yes, I am intolerant of this despicable and loathsome behaviour.
Yes, I do point the finger and say “islamic terrorist”.
Yes, I loathe and despise “islamism”.

But hear me now. There is no race of Islam. There is no race called “muslim“. Just as there is no race of catholics, jews, buddhists, protestants, sikhs, hindus or wiccans. These are all religious convictions and not particular to nationality, colour or appearance. They are not races.

I may be an intolerant, anti-islamic european. I may be an “islamophobe”. That is my choice and mine alone, by my own conviction, to make.

But don’t call me a racist. “Race” has nothing to do with it.


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