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Spanish bull

Posted by Exile on April 27, 2006

Enter the matador! Trumpets blazing and a flurry with the cape.
Well, not really. But the mentality is the same. An article from The Associated Press caught my wandering eye, concerning the former Spanish Prime Minister Senõr Jose Maria Aznar and his statements while writing for the Jerusalem Issue Brief series of the Jerusalem-based Institute for Contemporary Affairs.

“.. it is imperative to defend our values and way of life against a new threat: Islamic extremism and terrorism.”

Hello, what’s this? Finally a politician, albeit retired, speaking out plainly against “Islamic extremism and terrorism” My, my. I never thought I’d see the day.
But he didn’t stop there. How are we to do this? Here’s how.

.. transform NATO from a military alliance against the now-extinct Eastern bloc into a force that can counter the current threat”, he wrote, “NATO must refocus itself on fighting terror, the major threat today. Indeed, this is an existential threat.”
Aznar wrote that the alliance, formed in the aftermath of World War II to counter the rise of the Soviet Union and its allies, must shift away from its geographic definition and “widen its membership, open its doors to those nations that share our values, that defend them on the ground, and that are willing to join in the fight against jihadism. Thus, NATO should invite Japan, Australia and Israel to become full members.”

Not a bad idea. This would definitely up the ante for Iran and the other rogue states out there. It would also reduce the endless and inevitable UN bureaucracy in times of necessary positive action because the UN would be firmly on the sidelines instead of in the forefront – wobbly and toothless as ever. The US and Great Britain would not have to be so isolated, as they so often have been, the French would be more or less obliged to toe the line and the cost would be spread over a greater area. Gathering the troops would no longer be a question of endless begging for support. They would be there almost immediately. All for one, one for all. Attack one of us, and you attack us all.
He continued to wave the cape:

“NATO must come to terms with the new strategic realities, that we are at war, because our foes have declared it upon us. They could be hiding in a cave far away, but their vision is crystal clear. They want to recreate the caliphate from Spain to the Philippines. They want a fundamentalist reading of Islam to be the ruling law.”
“Furthermore, we must understand that jihadism is a global movement in its scope, with different levels of expression, from car bombs to radical sermons in mosques, Internet sites, and TV stations.”

(Not to mention suicide bombing, sharia and the other things i find so repugnant.)

I kinda like this guy.
It makes you wonder what they would be saying if the politically correct would wake up and smell the PC dung-pile for what it is.
His final statement made the whole thing seem reasonable to me. For that reason, I will bring it here and let him finish this blog without further comment from me.

Olé. And Amen to this:

“The West cannot fight this radical tide without Israel. Israelis might decide that for their own security they had better follow the traditional policy of relying just on themselves. But Islamic extremism is more a tsunami than a tide, and in front of this powerful force we had better stand together.”


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