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Nice beach. Any muslims?

Posted by Exile on April 29, 2006

One good thing to come out of the Mohammed cartoon affair was the shock wave that went through Denmark when pictures of the flag-burnings rolled over the TV screens. One thing not to do to the danes, is burn their flag. Embassies? OK, we can rebuild them, but flag-burning is definitely out. If anything was going to raise danish awareness of the global jihad, this was it. Outrage and dismay. Add to that a boycott of our goods, and you have a bad case of high dudgeon.
Time passes, and now is the time where the scandinavians start thinking about their holidays. Lots of danes used to go to Egypt, and Morocco, and Turkey, and Tunesia. Not any more. After the cartoon affair and the recent bombing in Egypt, people are cancelling and re-scheduling their holidays.

The big travel agents in Denmark are feeling the pinch. The traditional european destinations are over-booked, and the more exotic are neglected. The danes are not going to put their hard earned money into the hands of flag-burning hooligans and suicidal thugs.
Sales directør Stig Elling from Star Tours, one of the major travel firms says:

“…after the cartoon caper and the bombings in several muslim countries, it is important for us to find holiday destinations where there are no muslims. We are on the hunt for muslim-free areas. This partly why we are booking holidays for people on Cap Verde. There are no muslims there and there is little criminality.”

This is backed up by Ulla Jepsen from the Atlantis travel bureau.

We have recognised, that we can no longer send 95% of our customers to Egypt. We are loking at new places like Tuscany and will be promoting new destinations in South East Asia in the coming winter program.

So it would appear that at least the danes have woken up and are showing their dipleasure with the orient by boycotting them as holiday hosts. It’s payback time! They are looking toward places like Cap Verde in the atlantic south of the Canaries, South-east Asia and new locations inside Europe.

One question does spring to my mind though. Why on earth would anybody want to go to a predominantly islamic land for a holiday anyway? No booze, no bareness on the beach, no pork, say goodbye to bacon and egg breakfast…

You get the picture.


2 Responses to “Nice beach. Any muslims?”

  1. freedom said

    LOL! I really like your blog.

  2. bernie said

    I linked to your article from
    Planck’s Constant.

    Keep up the fight.

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