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School’s out for ever.

Posted by Exile on April 30, 2006

(My apologies to Alice Cooper).

Having read last week that a school in Malmö, Sweden, had to close because of the disruptive muslim behaviour, I foolishly thought that this was a ‘one-off’ affair and not really reflective of the state of European schools. Generally, I may be correct, but I found a disturbing article in the Times concerning a German school in the town of Rütli. Similar things are going on there. And who’s at the bottom of it? Well, according to one female teacher:

“They turn up without pens or books,” she added of her pupils, most of them the children of immigrants from Turkey or the Arab world. “They fight, they set off fireworks, they kick in doors. There’s no point in trying to teach. If you hang up a poster, they tear it down.”

The children of immigrants from Turkey or the Arab world. Why does this not surprise me? Worse than that, what can possibly be gained by disrupting a school? Without education, their chances of getting a good job or career are about zero. Integration? Forget it. Disintegration is more the bench mark here.

Her fellow teachers — all native Germans — feel the same way and have begged the government to close the Rütli school. “We’re completely exhausted,” they wrote in an open letter. “More teachers are off sick than students. This is a sign of unbearable pressure.”
Their plight has pushed the subject of Germany’s immigrant community to the top of the political agenda.

The article goes on to describe these young thugs as being the children and grandchildren of immigrant workers from the 60’s.

The country is struggling to integrate the immigrants already there. The children and grandchildren of 1960s “guest workers” often speak little German and have limited chances of finding a job. Unemployment among immigrants is 26%. Their chances of discovering a role model are just as remote. “School for them,” said Petra Eggebrecht, former director of the Rütli school, “is simply a place to fight for peer recognition, where young criminals become idols.”

Note, former director.
How can one be a third generation individual and yet only speak little of the language? That speaks volumes about the will to integrate. It would appear that the problems we are having today with unassimilated immigrants were already being fostered 40 odd years ago. How is that possible? I only lived in Germany for two years, yet spoke the language more or less fluently before I left. It only took me six months in Denmark. Am I a special case? No. Just willing to get on with life, wherever I may be. So where do we lay the blame for this dissention amongst these ingrates?

Government officials argue that Germany must absorb its immigrants rather than isolate them in ghettos where they may fall prey to Islamic fundamentalist groups. “The government sees it as a security issue,” said Tanja Wunderlich, an immigration researcher for the German Marshall Fund think tank.

Germany must absorb it’s immigrants? Rather than isolate them in ghettos? What unadulterated social-democratic liberalist nonsense. I would imagine, that after 40 years in a country where a good living is easily made if you really want to, you are not compelled to live in a ghetto. Germany has absorbed it’s immigrants. It is the immigrants that won’t integrate as far as I can see. There are forty years of history here to prove my point.

One can dislike the governments of Holland and Denmark for having tightened their immigration laws. The EU is critical of both lands. We demand a certain commitment from these people. Unfortunately the social democrats and their ilk haven’t entirely grasped that we need stringent laws to stop this pervasive and subtle invasion that is slowly destroying Europe. I read a post from Anti-Dhimmi on the Swedish problem and the demands from muslims for special treatment under the law, or indeed for the laws to be re-written in that country to “accomodate” the muslim poulation. No. This is wrong. Let the law of common sense rule here. There is only one law, and it is valid for the entire population. There can be no exceptions. As Anti-dhimmi wrote:

Don’t like it here?

Then get the f**k out.

It really is that simple. And take your ignorant, violent, foul-mouthed and ill-behaved youngsters with you.


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