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Praise the Lord – and pass the condoms.

Posted by Exile on May 1, 2006

OK, so I´m showing my age with that title, borrowing a line from a song my father used to sing on the way home from the pub. “Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition”.

Sorry. Digression is my main fault.

I don’t much care for organised religion. I care even less for religious fanaticism. All religious fanaticism. I reckon, that if the world’s populations listened more to the words of their God than to the words of their priests, popes, prophets, imams, ayatollahs and so on, then we would probably all rub along nicely. But that is only my view and probably not compatible with most of the ‘true believers’ out there. I am not a true believer.
So forgive me if I go off on a bit of a tangent here and do a little catholic bashing instead of the usual (and well deserved) muslim bashing.

You see, I just happened to be doing the rounds of the internet press and so on, when I fell upon an article concerning the Pope. Yes, the ‘Il Ducé’ himself.
It would appear, that at long last, the perpetuation of the mass murder of innocents by HIV and AIDS may be ending. The Catholic Church, in all it’s glory, may just be ready to finally allow the use of condoms. The new rationale being, that preventing the unnecessary transmission of a killer disease is preferable to commiting the ‘sin’ of having protected sex and thereby preventing the conception and birth of (dare I say) millions of unwanted children in the name of Catholicism. Not to mention the newborn who are already infected from birth because mommy got the disease when daddy knocked her up.

Hooray! The catholic church just got real and entered the 21st century.

And about time too. Why didn’t this happen years ago? For the millions in Africa that are infected, it is too late. It is too late for millions in many of the predominantly catholic lands. And if the pontiff doesn’t announce it already today, then it will be too late for countless thousands of others. I know it won’t totally stop the spread of this filthy disease, but it will slow it down. We have to combat HIV/AIDS with everything we have. This has got to happen.

There is no excuse for delay. Witholding this simple but effective form of protection from ‘the big disease’ is truly a “cardinal” sin.


One Response to “Praise the Lord – and pass the condoms.”

  1. Brad said

    Hi There,

    I’m sorry to hear that your not a “True Believer” to use your words, there are many definitions that try to categorize someone like that. but in truth, when you Accept Christ into your life the peace that follows help you learn and grow to be more of a “Believer” I sincerely hope that his love finds you sometime soon, I’ll say a prayer for you and maybe it will help maybe it won’t but only God knows. God Bless, and I’m sorry to hear of your slight misunderstanding of Christianity and Islam that has given rise to your “Bashing” I’ll also pray that God softens your heart, so that you might grow to understand others more, and learn to love them as you are loved. take care, and God Bless

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