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Hello – is this the Taliban headquarters?

Posted by Exile on May 2, 2006

I think that must be how the telephone conversation must start.
Unless you just go direct to their offices and ask to see the spokesman. Allow me to elucidate:

Going throught he mid-east e-papers can be a bit of a chore, but once in a while you read something that really gets you thinking. I found an article in the Mid-East Times concerning what is being described as “the accidental beheading of an Indian engineer” by the Taliban. Get this:

“This morning, a driver from an area called Karez-e-Hassan, where the Indian engineer was kidnapped, came to us and informed us of a dead body,” Mir said. “We went to the area and found the body of the Indian engineer beheaded in a bag. We took the body,” he said.

This engineer was kidnapped and held hostage and demands for the exodus of all indian businesses and nationals from Afghanistan were set as the conditions for his release. Typical idiocy from the Taliban but there you go.
The Indians, apparently, were on the verge of negotiating with the Taliban on this one when things took a turn for the worse. The engineer attacked his guards and fled. Now this is what gets me going:

On Saturday, the militants had threatened to kill Narayan unless all Indian nationals and companies left Afghanistan within 24 hours. “The Indian engineer was in a room with one guard, he attacked the guard and punched him, went out of the building running as other mujahideen shot him dead,” the Taliban spokesman Ahmadi said.

…the Taliban spokesman, Ahmadi.(?)

What freaking spokesman? Where does he live? Speaking to whom? And how? Does the local press have a hot-line to the mad mullahs, or what? Do they interview him on the local TV? Does he randomly and mysteriously appear on a flying soapbox from whence and whereupon to spout the words of taliban truth and wisdom before magically disappearing back into the sands of the Afghan countryside? Who speaks to these people? Why?

“…other mujahedeen shot him dead”.

Then why, in the name of heavens, was it necessary to “accidentally” decapitate the poor bastard’s dead and bullet-ridden back-shot body? Dead is dead. Just making sure, were they? Or maybe they just wanted to make the body a little more presentable, before dumping it on the roadside, and accidentally nicked him while they were giving him a post-mortem shave with a newly sharpened panga?

It gets worse.

Ahmadi said the Taliban’s council of leaders was “saddened” by the incident, as New Delhi had shown its willingness to negotiate for Narayan’s release. “We are sorry – the leading council had decided to extend the deadline for another 24 hours since the Indian side had showed gestures that they were ready to negotiate,” he said.

“We are sorry”-“Saddened by the incident.”(?)

Oh well, that’s alright then. As long as you are sorry. We’ll forget it this time then. Naughty council of leaders. Shame on you.
Monty Python couldn’t have written that line. It is totally and incandescently outrageous. “Saddened by the incident”, my arse. It makes these kidnapping, murderous swine appear like nice everyday guys that go to church on Friday and discuss gardening tips on the weekend.
They are islamic terrorists. Nothing less. Nothing more.

It seems to me, that whoever is allowing the Taliban to freely front a spokesman, free press or not, should go straight to the Afghan authorities and tell them exactly where this asshole can be found, along with his nefarious cronies, and then report the overwhelming success of the security forces in arresting or killing the whole damn bunch.

Mid East Times?
I wouldn’t use it to wipe my backside on.

Read it yourself here.


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