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Swedistan Dhimmi-downs again.

Posted by Exile on May 6, 2006

Sweden has done it again. Now, where the discussion in Denmark has turned to the conditions in the so-called refugee camps for those that have been refused asylum and the lack of amenities for children in those camps, the Swedes have decided to trump the danes again in the immigration stakes.

A little background here.

One arrives in the country of ones choice, screaming “Asylum” as loudly as one can and then gets interned in a reception centre. The case then goes to the relevant authorities who examine the claims to warranting asylum and refugee status. This, eventually, is accepted or refused. The ones that get accepted go into the local society and live on welfare for as long as it takes, the ones that are refused go to a “Refugee camp” and await expulsion. These places are not meant to be set up for long term accomodation, the ‘inmates’ have been refused entry and are to be deported. In Denmark and sweden, they can refuse to leave, but they stay where they are. In the “camp”. The problem arises when they decide to stay. They decide to stay forever. No, they haven’t been granted asylum but decide to stay in the country. Their choice. We just pay the price. Through the nose. Through taxes. Very high taxes.


If they have no grounds for being here, they should be forcibly ejected to wherever they came from. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. And don’t forget, I am an immigrant here too. But I did it with my own money and never cost the state a penny.

Anyhow, the swedes have the same problem but have decided to create a special law, granting the children of these people asylum, and thereby their parents, allowing them to become citizens and be released into society despite their having been refused entry through the normal processes. This alone will open the gates to a further 30,000 people here and now.

Here is a quote from Swedens immigration policy concerning asylum:

Asylum in Sweden.
People seeking asylum in Sweden must have their applications processed with full respect to legal certainty. They must be given a good reception and the examination of their cases must be characterised by uniformity and predictability. Those considered in need of protection must be allowed to stay and enjoy in principle the same rights and responsibilities as Swedish citizens. Those considered not to be in need of protection shall return to their countries of origin. Their return shall take place in a dignified manner.

[My emphasis.]

So what is Sweden thinking of? They have investigated these people. They have been refused entry once, some of them twice. They are not refugees. They do not warrant the staus of refugee. So why in the name of common sense should Sweden give in to this form of extortion? Why bother having immigration controls? Why not simply say to the whole world, “Come on in, there is no ‘immigration’ here. This land is simply up for grabs.”

Because that is what it amounts to.

I wonder what Fjordman has to say about all this……?


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