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Israel protects Abbas.

Posted by Exile on May 7, 2006

It would appear that I was getting close to the truth in my blog about the palestinian triangle. The Israelis are indeed looking after palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Acording to the Times, the israelis have thwarted an assassination attempt by the armed wing of Hamas.

A HAMAS plot to assassinate Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has been thwarted after he was tipped off by Israeli intelligence.
Hamas’s military wing, the Izza Din Al-Qassem, had planned to kill Abbas at his office in Gaza, intelligence sources said.
Abbas, who became president of the Palestinian Authority last year after the death of Yasser Arafat, was formally warned of the danger by the Israelis and cancelled a planned visit to the territory.

The game has begun. The first attempts to shift the balance of absolute power in Palestine are getting underway. Hamas sees Abbas as a stumbling block and wants him dead.

Hamas leaders, who refuse to recognise the state of Israel, suspect Abbas of obstructing their attempts to govern, which have been hampered by a financial boycott from donor nations. “Hamas considers Abbas to be a barrier to its complete control over Palestine and decided to kill him,” said a Palestinian source who was an adviser to Arafat and is a close acquaintance of Abbas.

No-one is, of course, claiming responsibility for the planning of this dastardly deed and I find it hard to believe that it came from Ismail Haniyah himself. I believe that the armed wing was acting on it’s own authority. The article also indicates this and calls the failed attempt “a very plausible action” by the militia.
Is Hamas losing control of it’s military wing? Difficult to say, but this is the second attempt on Abbas’ life by Hamas thugs. Will it be third time lucky?
Abbas had asked the Israelis to allow him to bring in new weapons (aren’t there enough in Palestine already?) to equip his own bodyguard but this was refused by the former Israeli defense minister, Shaul Mofaz.
The article continues:

However, the Israelis could not ignore intelligence information regarding the imminent threat to Abbas’s life. “We monitor every movement of Hamas in Gaza,” said an Israeli intelligence source. “So when we learnt that Abbas’s life was in danger, we made sure to inform him without delay.”

I bet that makes Abbas feel a whole lot better. Protected by the IDF.

And the Israeli stance on all of this? Who knows.

Better the devil you know…?


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