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Something rotten in.. Korsør..?!

Posted by Exile on May 10, 2006

We aren’t used to bombings yet here in little Denmark. Notice, I say ‘yet’. I am sure they will come sooner or later. However, the minor elements of our own home grown terrorist network are showing their teeth. Last night a molotov cocktail bomb was the weapon of choice in a minor attack on a minor politician.

A late-night attack on the home of a local politician raises concerns that public officials are increasingly finding themselves the target of intimidation.
Elected officials fear that a culture of political violence is emerging in Denmark after a firebomb was thrown at the home of a councillor in the city of Korsør in western Zealand on Monday night. The bomb missed its target, and Fritz Neumann, a member of the Danish People’s Party, and his family escaped unharmed, but police say the attack is just the latest in a string of similar incidents.

I should mention, that the Danish People’s party is pretty right-wing as politics go in Denmark and they are the most outspoken about immigration. They are the third party in the present government coalition and have about 17% of the people behind them. Fritz Neumann is not a name that is well known in national politics, so this attack is probably related to a more local grievance. It is however, not an isolated incident.

Six other city council members in Korsør have received written and electronic threats signed ‘Allah is great’ and ‘Al Qaeda-network’ in the past three months. Police believe they were related and could have to do with a rejected application for asylum. The latest bombing renewed concerns that Denmark’s relaxed politicial culture made politicians particularly vulnerable to attacks.
Monday’s attempted arson brought back memories of a similar attack on the home of the minister of integration, Rikke Hvilshøj, last year. In two separate incidents, police also recently arrested young men who issued death threats to PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Social Liberal MP Naser Khader.

Notice the language here. These ‘young men’ are not further identified in the article, but they are the children of immigrants and yes, they are muslims. Bear that in mind in the next quote, which also fails to mention the word ‘islamic’..

René Karpantschof, a socioligist at Copenhagen University, told daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende ‘The crisis about the cartoons of Mohammed could have been a clear chance for more militant groups to make an impact, because there was such a clear polarisation. Nevertheless, you didn’t see those groups step forward’.

Now, is this all just mischief or do I see a tendency forming here? A trend slowly creeping forward that is new in the danish society? How long will it be before something major is blown to bits in Copenhagen or Aarhus? The organisations are here already. Hitz-but-Tahrir, the PLO, and other islamic organisations all have offices in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, because of the danish laws concerning private clubs and such like, they can operate legally here and spread all the poison they want with absolute impunity. At the moment there have only been verbal threats and low level attacks on individual politicians, but hang on…

Pim Fortuyn was just one individual politician.

Will it take another dead politician before Denmark truly wakes up? Or will that also be reported as another individual act perpetrated by misguided ‘young men’?

Source: Jyllands Posten – News in English.


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