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Abu Laban "gets the f**ck out!"

Posted by Exile on May 11, 2006

(Borrowing a quote from Anti-dhimmi!)

I couldn’t believe it, but it looks like it’s true. Chalk this one up as a victory in the fight against islam in Denmark. Here is the entire article from Jyllands Posten, in english.

By The Copenhagen Post
Western democracy has failed to give equal rights to Muslims, says the controversial imam, Abu Laban, as he announces plans to leave Denmark

A seeker of peace and dialogue or a demogogue fanning the flames of fanatics? The verdict on imam Abu Laban depends on who you ask.
Whatever the case, the country’s most controversial imam announced that he would be returning to his homeland in the Gaza Strip as soon as possible, daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten reported on Thursday.

‘I’m not willing to be manipulated all the time and associated with terrorism, when I have worked day and night, tooth and nail in an honest way for this country’s welfare,’ he told the newspaper that printed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

Laban assumed a central role in the crisis during the crisis that erupted after the publication of the cartoons. He was suspected of travelling with other clerics to the Mid-East to stir-up public sentiment against Denmark in the Muslim world.

When the crisis raged at its highest point in February, Laban was also accused of being two-faced by telling media in Denmark he opposed the trade embargo in the Mid-East, while at the same time telling a Saudi Arabian station he was ‘happy’ about the Muslim embargo.

A French journalist also used a hidden camera to capture Laban on tape saying he knew of someone in Denmark willing to conduct a suicide bombing. Laban later disclaimed the statement, explaining that it was merely a figure of speech.

Laban attributed his decision to leave Denmark to the poor treatment he received in the media.

‘I could have created a hell here in Denmark. I could have encouraged Muslims to strike. I’ve tried to be a good guest in this country in every way. But I’ve been treated extremely poorly by the other side.’

The cleric came to Denmark in 1984 as a refugee from the Gaza Strip. He has now decided to return together with his wife and youngest children.

‘The dream of Europe and human rights has shattered for me. Islam has been a test for Western democracy, and I think Western democracy has shown that it hasn’t secured equal human rights for everyone.’

(I added the picture of this creep to the article.)

And good bloody riddance.

(Let me help you pack, you lying islamic pile of camel dung.)

Mind your ass as we slam the door behind you.

This is one of the worst salafists in Denmark. An endless outpouring of lies and deceit is about to cease. This man has never been interested in equal rights. This man has only been interested in his own jihad. It hasn’t worked and now he has finally got the message. Now if he will only take that other weasel, Ahmed Akkari with him, then Denmark really has something to celebrate. Finally, some progress in this land of freedom and democracy.

I’m going for a large, cold beer! Or maybe two.

Cheers. And congratulations Denmark.


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