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The "Islamofobia" conference.

Posted by Exile on May 13, 2006

Today in Copenhagen we are hosting the Islamofobia conference. This conference is being held to discuss why islamofobia is on the rise and what can be done to stop it? If anything was ever more contrary to my interests and absolutely contrary to the interests of the free world as a whole, I don’t know what that would be. The whole affair is to be found on a website which explains the whos and whats and publishes an agenda for the day. I couldn’t resist copying it and adding my own ideas as to what I might have contributed to these ‘sessions’ if I had been invited:

Conference Timings: 1000 hrs – 1900 hrs
09:30-10:30 Arrival drinks.

Thanks – make mine a cold beer and a whisky chaser.

Session 1: Welcome.

Thankyou. Got any more beer?

11:10 11:25 Mid morning Break .

About time too. I need to pee.

Session 2: Islamophobia-Why is Islam perceived as a threat to the West ? Is it a clash of civilizations or is it just media perceptions or propaganda?

No. It’s because you keep killing people, bombing buildings, beheading people, cutting bits off people, lying about everything, molesting children, not working, not inventing, living off state support, denying equal rights for women, denying the freedom of religion, not supporting democracy and free thinking and generally because you have nothing to offer us except our destruction.

Session 3 Why is Islam seen as a dilemma in the West? Islam is a religion like other religions- Why is Islam singled out as a problem?

See my response to session 2.

13:15 14:00 Lunch Break.

Good. I´m starving. Can I wash this falafel down with a beer?

Session 4: Islam & Peace Personified in the life of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

How? Impossible. Can’t be done. Muhammed was a murdering pædofile swine who raped and plundered everything that wasn’t conforming to his thinking.

Session 5 Existence of Islamophobia past & present How to counteract the propaganda of Islamophobia.

Easy. By giving up all the things I mentioned in session two, arresting and prosecuting the terrorists that you are harbouring and supporting and by entering the 21st century along with the rest of us.

16:10 16:25 Afternoon Break.

Good-oh. Another beer?

Session 6 The issue of Palestine & the growth of Islamophobia. Palestine a lasting peaceful solution.

Simple. Give up trying to destroy Israel.

Session 7 The future of communal harmony. The future of Muslims in the West.

There will be none as long as you are here. Go back to wherever you came from. You don’t respect our laws, you contribute nothing to our society, we don’t want you here and you don’t like us anyway. Now leave.


(Ummm.. no breaks for prayers or beer then?)

Now that´s how to spend a saturday. Unless of course, you have something better to do.


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