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Protection money?

Posted by Exile on May 14, 2006

Life isn’t getting any easier for the palestinians under Hamas rule. Now that the jihadis have power there, one would think that the arab world would be falling over itself to give them all the help they need. After all, they have all been shouting long enough about their poor arab brothers fighting the good fight against the zionist oppressors. Apparently not so. The real support for the palestinians is all verbal and not fiscal. I found this in an article from Haaretz.com:

The Arab League denied on Saturday that it was unable to transfer aid to Palestinians, saying that the issue, including paying salaries to Palestinian Authority employees, was still under discussion. The statement followed an urgent appeal by the Palestinian Authority on Saturday to the Arab League and international community, to provide $4.3 million for health care in the Palestinian territories to prevent “a humanitarian and health disaster.” An official from PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Liberation Organization said on Thursday the Arab League head told Abbas that the pan-Arab body could not transfer an estimated $70 million to the 165,000 employees’ accounts.

Aha. In other words, “We would love to give you the monetary support you need, but we have to “discuss” it for a while longer yet. We could give it to you now but we won’t, and we are sure that the west will eventually cave in and pay up if we continue to do nothing.”.
So much for Arab charity.
Indeed, they haven’t really offered much at all to the palestinians, no matter how far back you go. One wonders, why can’t the arab world with all it’s oil billions take on the job of financing Palestine? Why should it be the west, the EU, the USA, that picks up the bill every time the palestinians hold out the hat? Or is it more a case of the arab world not being willing to help the palestinians? Is there , perhaps, more to be gained by not alleviating the problems? Perhaps a content, well fed and well cared for people would not be so eager to go to war with it’s neighbours? Are we in fact, paying israel’s “protection money” to the arab world vicariously through the palestinians? If so, then it is a good thing that we have stopped. It may be, that the palestinians will suddenly realise that they are no more than arab canon fodder in a never ending war. Maybe they would come to realise that if we don’t provide them with the cash, their arab “brothers” certainly aren’t going to. Perhaps we should use the time to point out to the palestinians that they are, and have been, biting the very hand that feeds them? I believe that we should wait a while longer before sending more cash. I think we should give the palestinians time to realise that the rest of the arab world doesn’t really care a hoot for them, and the only purpose they serve is to be the whipping boy for the arab nations and the centerpiece, the major distraction, in the global jihad. I don’t believe the League of Arab Nations would shed more than one tear if the whole population withered and died tomorrow.
The only problem they would have, is who to point out to be the next victim of zionist oppression and western aggression.


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