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The "Islamophobia" Conference. The aftermath.

Posted by Exile on May 15, 2006

The great “Islamophobia” conference which was held here in Copenhagen at the weekend was not, apparently, a great success. Some 900 people turned up and the discussion seemed to go one way according to Jyllands Posten’s little brother, the Copenhagen Post.

A weekend conference with the goal of building a bridge between the Muslim world and the West was more of a one way street, according to a number of participants.
After being the focus of Muslim anger earlier this year, Copenhagen was again the centre of Muslim attention this weekend. This time, however, the mesage was one of improved understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.
British television station The Islam Channel hoped to capitalise on the infamy brought upon the city after the publication of the Mohammed cartoons by holding the international conference ‘Islamophobia: a dilemma in the West’ as a way to create a dialogue and debunk myths.

Debunk myths? Oh yeah, 9/11 was not the work of muslims. Nor was the armenian massacre. There is no global jihad. Islam is a religion of peace. The holocaust never happened. Those myths?

‘Fear of and prejudices about Islam have always been there, but we need to have the courage to talk about things,’ said Mohamed Ali, president of the Islam Channel.

‘Fear of..Islam has always been there. Why, I wonder, is that?

Despite being billed as an international conference, and the largest of its kind since the row over the Mohammed cartoons exploded this winter, the majority of those participating were Muslim. Organisers had invited a broad spectrum of Danish politicians, members of the press and other public figures, but only a handful of ethnic Danes were to be found amongst the 900 people in attendance.
‘We had hoped to see more Danes take part in the debate. We invited the prime minister to open the conference and all Danish ministers to participate. We invited political parties, even the Danish People’s Party, the mayor of Copenhagen – and the Queen,’ Ali said.

And just why would the freedom loving Danes want to listen to a repeat of all the lies they know they are being told daily. Obviously our politicians are equally unimpressed by them. One of the main speakers was the (now well known) Imam Abu Laban, and we all know how honest and straightforward he is. So the poor attendance and lack of political representation doesn’t surprise me.
Bob Hawke was perhaps a little more generous in his statement:

Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke was one of the conference’s major draws. He said that dialogue could help to stamp out misunderstandings on both sides of the religious divide. ‘Most Muslims are peace-loving people who want to live in a constructive dialogue with others. But it is the words and horrible acts of the extremists that capture our attention.’

And here’s the biggest lie you’ll ever read:

Foreign conference participants said they were shocked to see the conditions Muslims in Denmark were forced to accept. ‘I thought Denmark was a free and open country, but that’s not so,’ [Told you! Ed.] said Yvonne Ridley, a British woman who converted to Islam after being held hostage by the Taleban. Ridley, now the political editor for the Islam Channel, said Denmark’s Muslims were made to feel like outsiders. Just the fact that Denmark doesn’t have a single mosque built as a mosque – it doesn’t even have a Muslim cemetary.’

Ridley added that she and other Muslims were tired of being held responsible for terrorist acts committed in their religion’s name. ‘I don’t demonise all Danes because of the Mohammed cartoons. And you shouldn’t demonise all Muslims on account of al-Qaeda.’

No, Ms. Ridley. Perhaps we shouldn’t. But until the muslims themselves begin condemning Al-Queda, I’m afraid you haven’t a leg to stand on. And get this, all we did was draw a few innocent cartoons of a man that died over 1400 years ago. We didn’t kill or maim anyone, we didn’t burn down any embassies, we didn’t kidnap anyone and we haven’t called for your beheading because of Al-Queda’s evil deeds. So what’s your point? How do you compare the two?
How DARE you compare the two?

As for muslims “feeling like outsiders”?…

Well, I don’t see much effort on their part to be insiders, do you?

Perhaps the next islamic conference held in Copenhagen will be about that.


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