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ECRI: Damn you, infidel Denmark!

Posted by Exile on May 16, 2006

ECRI, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance has brought forth another damning document concerning Denmark and it’s policies concerning immigration and immigrants. A leftist outpouring if ever I read one. And The danish PM, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, agrees with me, that we can’t use if for much as it is based on hearsay and third party rhetoric.
One section of this despicable report which caught my eye examines what the commission calls “Vulnerable groups”. Here’s what it says about:


In its second report, noting with concern the climate surrounding Muslims and Islam in Denmark, ECRI recommended that the Danish Government undertake awareness-raising measures in the public sphere as well as in the education system to promote a more objective and informed perception of Muslims. ECRI also recommended that public opinion leaders promote a more informed and diverse image of Muslims and Islam.

Awareness-raising measures? Now there’s a dubious phrase if ever I heard one. I have been trying raise awareness about muslims for a long time, and the only thanks I get, is to be called a racist. A term I strongly deny as there is no race called Islam. Race has nothing to do with it. See my blog about this. It’s titled “I am not a racist”!

To continue:

ECRI notes with deep concern that the situation concerning Muslims in Denmark has worsened since its second report. ECRI has been informed that, apart from the above-mentioned discrimination that Muslims face together with other minority groups in areas such as employment, education and housing, politicians from some political parties such as the Danish People’s Party and some media continue to make incendiary remarks about Muslims. Although, in 2003, a number of cases of incitement to racial hatred in general, and against Muslims in particular were successfully prosecuted, ECRI notes that the police are generally reluctant to investigate complaints made by Muslims concerning hate speech directed against them. ECRI regrets in this regard that the lack of a strong message that would be sent by consistently prosecuting those who breach Article 266 b) of the Criminal Code has given some politicians free reign to create an atmosphere of suspicion and hatred towards Muslims. This problem is compounded by the fact that the media mostly interview those imams who express the most extreme views, thus confirming the image that is being given of Muslims as a threat to Danish society. In September 2005, with the stated intention of verifying whether freedom of speech is respected in Denmark, a widely-read Danish newspaper called on cartoonists to send in caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad; such drawings are considered to be offensive by many Muslims. This newspaper thus published 12 such cartoons, one of which portrayed the Prophet as a terrorist. The issue has caused widespread condemnation and a protest march was organised in Copenhagen as a result. The fact that, according to a survey carried out regarding the publication of these drawings, 56% of the respondents felt that it was acceptable is a testimony of the current climate in Denmark. ECRI considers that the goal of opening a democratic debate on freedom of speech should be met without resorting to provocative acts that can only predictably elicit an emotional reaction. ECRI wishes to bring to the Danish Government’s attention in this regard, that in its General Policy Recommendation No. 5 on combating intolerance and discrimination against Muslims, it calls on Member States to encourage debate within the media on the image which they convey of Islam and Muslim communities and on their responsibility in this respect in avoiding the perpetuation of prejudice and biased information.

Let’s look at this one. Employment. Those that really want to work can and do. You can lead a muslim to the workplace, but you can’t make him work if he doesn’t want to. And there are many that don’t want to. Nor do they want or allow their many wives to. It is not for lack of opportunity. The constant ‘ringing in sick’ is what gets most employers going. It is expensive for them and too easy for their employees to do.
The police are “generally reluctant to investigate complaints made by muslims concerning hate speech”. Well, how many muslims have been arrested for demanding the death of cartoonists? None. So that goes both ways I suppose. It is general, not muslim specific.
“The media mostly interviews those imams who express the most extreme views”. That is not true. The press interviews anyone who will talk to them and prints what it feels is newsworthy. There simply aren’t that many “moderates” compared to “extremists”. And we don’t really have any truly right wing papers left in Denmark anyway. So where is that coming from?
Oh, the cartoons. Again. Get over it. It was eight months ago and is past relevance. How emotionally upset or violated can you be over a cartoon?

In its second report, ECRI recommended that the Danish Government engage in discussions with representatives of the Muslim communities and consistently involve them in measures directed at improving the situation of Muslims.
ECRI welcomes the fact that the Danish Minister for Integration has begun to engage in a dialogue with members of the Muslim communities and that in April and September 2005, this Minister met with a group of Imams in order to involve them in ensuring that Muslim youth get an education and enter the job market. ECRI has also been informed that the Danish Prime Minister has met with representatives from the Muslim communities.

And so say all of us. But will it help? I doubt it.

Recommendations :

ECRI urges the Danish Government to send a strong signal that incitement to racial hatred against Muslims will not be tolerated, by strengthening Article 266 b) of the Criminal Code to that end. It also strongly recommends that the Government carry out awareness-raising campaigns throughout the country, in which members of Muslim communities, NGOs, the media as well as members of local and national authorities are involved, in order to present a more objective and balanced view of Muslims and Islam and to foster a constructive debate on living in a plural society.
ECRI recommends that the Danish Government continue to meet with members of Muslim communities in order to work with them on issues of particular concern to Muslims such as, inter alia, access to education and employment.

Talk about a one-way street. I note, that ECRI does not mention anything about the racist behaviour of the immigrant muslim society, the rape percentage increasing daily, the stabbings, the theft and the public displays of hatred perpetrated by the muslim community, or elements of it, or the rejection of the laws governing this country by Imams and so called “learned men” within that community. The celebrations that go with terrorist activities. The applauding of evil men who do evil things. The denial of Israel’s right to exist. The expression of wanting and working for the Islamic domination of the free world.
Why not? A tad selective here, are we not?

I have a “strong recommendation” for ECRI as to what they can do with their report. Unfortunately it is beneath me to publish it here, but it involves the lower end of the digestive system and a certain upward movement in that area. (Was that P.C.?)

Read the whole report here.


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