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ECRI: European Commission against Real Information.

Posted by Exile on May 17, 2006

More on this ECRI thing. I love it when I’m right, so here goes! Apart from my little attempt to drive the back the rampant insurgency that Denmark is suffering, the government is maybe doing its bit as well. I no longer feel quite so alone. Jyllands Posten carried this in english today, which makes my job a lot easier!

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen knows exactly where he is going to file the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance’s latest review of Denmark: in the dustbin.

Well done Anders. It isn’t quite what I had in mind but close enough. I really like this gutsy dane.

The ECRI released its third report about Denmark on Tuesday. Despite its praise for the progress made since the 2001 report, the new review bashed the government for not implementing several previous recommendations. In addition, it found that ‘the general climate has continued to deteriorate in Denmark, with some politicians and parts of the media constantly projecting a negative image of minority groups in general, and Muslims in particular‘.

Well, I got through all that yesterday, so no need for further comment here. Except, perhaps to offer my congratulations and to warm my dear old heart with the fact, that at least Denmark isn’t taking it lying down any more. Could it be, that the danes really are putting up a little resistance? It sure looks that way.

The government was also blasted for cosying up to the anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party.
Rasmussen, however, was quick to point out that the complaints didn’t hold water: ‘The report is so riddled with errors that it can’t be taken seriously.’
‘Their ECRI bases their report on hearsay. Even though the government can prove that it is factually wrong, they didn’t listen to us.’

We are getting used to that in Europe. The people say one thing, the Brussels mob says and does another. Democracy? No. Political correctness? Yes. Have they gone stark staring, barking, unequivocally mad? Yes.
The article continues:

In a 13-page reply posted on the website of the Ministry of Immigration, the government identified 24 ‘errors and inaccuracies’ and 20 ‘politicised and/or undocumented claims and recommendations’, as well as 10 comments to the report’s findings about Denmark’s compliance with international treaties.
The immigration minister, Rikke Hvilshøj, pointed out that Denmark was not the only country to be criticised by the ECRI.
‘Other ECRI country reports have pointed out that the tone of the public debate and in the political arena is hostile to foreigners. The tone should in no way be hostile, but it is necessary to discuss the challenges that all European countries are facing when it comes to integration.’

“24 errors and inaccuracies…20 politicised and/or undocumented claims..” And I pay tax for this twaddle? Yes there has to be a discussion. And that discussion means that you need some opposition. Otherwise there is no debate, merely compliance. Denmark has decided to oppose brussels thinking. Outrageous. Whatever next?
Let’s hear what one of the authors of this reprehensible piece of inaccurate, undocumented pile of paper has to say:

Eva Smith, the chair of the ECRI, said the government’s reaction showed that integration was a sore point for it.
‘Much of what the government calls ‘mistakes’ are different evaluations of facts,’ she said to daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
‘When the ECRI says that not enough has been done to promote integration on the job market, the government says, ‘That’s wrong, we’ve done a whole bunch.’ So has what you’ve done worked? We’re talking about different views of the fact that there aren’t enough foreigners working in Denmark.’
She called Rasmussen’s rejection of the report ‘arrogant’ but admitted that it may have included some mistakes.

“Different evaluations of facts”?… Oh, you mean those undocumented, politicised errors type facts? Right. I get it now. But I wholeheartedly agree with her on this; “there aren’t enough foreigners working in Denmark”. They’re just here in Denmark.
I know.
I am forced, by taxation, to pay for them to be here not working.
Tax extracted by the Danish government.
And then “redistributed” to the non-working foreigners who are here, in Denmark.
Or did I overstate it?

OK, she couldn’t very well call Anders Fogh Rasmussen a racist so she called him “arrogant” instead. Why? Because he dares to reject the leftist nonsense. Not compliant with Brussels thought police. Oh dear. And she is wrong. A lot has been done, even to the point of positive discrimination in the working arena. I hate to repeat myself so I will simply point out that horses and water come to mind. We have tried the carrot and it wasn’t halal enough. So now we are trying the other thing. The “you don’t get anything out until you put something in” thing.
However, I will give her a last chance to express and redeem herself:

‘It’s regrettable that that kind of clearly inaccurate information didn’t get weeded out,’ Smith said.

Well hallelujah. That makes it alright then. How about repudiating the whole document and striking it from the record in Brussels? No, probably not. It will remain in the Brussels archives as an official Brussels declaration of Denmark’s “arrogant” unwillingness to comply and will be used later when all the hoo-ha has died away.
But somehow I can’t quite get rid of the thought, that Denmark is on the right track here. If you have to resort to half-truths and disinformation to complete your “report” and make your arguement sound viable, then you have lost the debate.
Denmark 1, Brussels 0.

No dhimmitude here, thankyou.

Now move along all you other europeans. There’s too much to be seen here.


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