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Posted by Exile on May 23, 2006

Both the Jerusalem Times and Haaretz are carrying the same story today concerning the new peace proposals from Palestinian P.M. Ismail Haniyeh. He would like to see the Israelis go back in time to the sixties mode of peace and love. Frankly, I can’t quite envisage Palestinian terrorists running round with flowers down their gun barrels but Haniyeh is promising a lot here. Perhaps too much. This from Haaretz:

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh stated on Tuesday that an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders would result in peace between the two peoples. The Palestinian prime minister said that the Hamas-led PA would be willing to engage in a long-term, renewable ceasefire agreement if Israel withdraws. He also stated that his government was willing to engage in talks with Israel on practical, though not ideological or political matters, and was surprised that, according to the prime minister, Israel did not reciprocate.

Well, I’m not surprised. I don’t quite understand how Hamas will control and tether all the other fractions of palestinian terrorism. The Al-aqsa mob, Fatah’s murderers, Hizbollah and the plethora of other fanatics that hang around in the area. Fatah couldn’t even control their own forces under Arafat, so how would they be able to respect a Hamas cease-fire? Unless Haniyeh has something else planned with his newly formed security forces? If so, then he should come out and say so. Perhaps he has hinted at something here:

Haniyeh told Haaretz that his government represented all Palestinians, not just Hamas, and thus issues concerning the Hamas charter – i.e. the failure to recognize Israel – should not matter.

That is a mouthful for the P.M. Suddenly, he represents all palestinians? The charter should not matter? Is Hamas about to shift it’s position? According to one Hamas cabinet spokesman:

“With time we will suit our positions to reality and change, but under no circumstances will we do so under the pressure of a siege and only in order to get money.”

With time?. Why not now? If the Israelis were to withdraw, what would they be getting as assurances of continued peace? A ceasefire is not enough. It has to be a peace settlement. Once and for all. I have said before, that Haniyeh could be the man to pull it off. He could write himself into history as the one who made peace with Israel. But it will require a lot more than vague promises of a cease fire in exchange for an Israeli withdrawal to its pre-1967 borders. If he can truly manage the terrorists, one and all, if he can control the minor brigades and the suicide bombers, then he should start now and then go forward. Showing Israel that he can uphold law and order and disarm these fractions would be a huge plus for him internationally and a huge incentive for Israel. It is high time that the palestinians made the first moves toward a peace settlement.

Now is the time Mr. Haniyeh. Put your peace plan where your mouth is.
Carpe Diem.


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