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The coming Da Vinci film riots…Pakistan.

Posted by Exile on May 25, 2006

The pakistani religious policemen are at it again.
This time championing christianity, and especially catholicism, by promising to demonstrate on friday, after prayers of course, against the release of Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” – the film.
Death to the (anti-catholic) infidel? I doubt it. It just sounds like another excuse to burn something and show their religious indignation. Maybe, to try to convince the infidel west that they can also get in a huff over anything religious other than just drawings of Mo?

I think it all comes down to something else. We have had a film about the suffering of Christ, we have had the Motoons, the next logical event must be a film about the life of Mohammed. Monty Python springs to mind. Call it “The life of Mo.” I see Johnny Depp as Mo, and Halle berry as Aysha. The whole thing could be shot in Pakistan and directed by Stephen Spielberg and John Cleese. There would be no problem with getting extras to scream and swing swords and run through the sand. And the wardrobe costs would be minimal. Marvellous. A tale of love, passion, p√¶dofilia and boundless murder in the desert. Better than Lawrence of Arabia.
Guaranteed, a box office biggie.

The business world in pakistan is not so shy about these things. I found an article from Reuters explaining that there is expected to be a rush to get the Da Vinci film and that there are orders backed up. One guy said that they are expecting to sell hundreds of copies and this despite, quote: “that the first prints are not good quality”. Which means that the DVD pirates are already up their necks in orders.
It isn’t only the muslims who are up and jumping on this. The 10% christian population is also expected (required?) to join in with the planned spontaneous rioting on Friday, because they are afraid that the film will cause “misunderstandings” about their faith.

I find it all rather amusing. These people who probably have not read the book, have not yet seen the film and probably don’t know who Dan Brown or Leonardo da Vinci is or was, can get so hot under the collar about something so meaningless.
But OK, I don’t understand soccer hooliganism either. So who am I to pass judgement? I just know it’s unpleasant and unjustifiable.

If you want to read a bit more on Dan Brown’s research, I found this. Don’t go there unless you have a half hour to spend reading it.
And don’t forget to watch the evening news tomorrow, wherever you are.


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