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Declining Denmark. Declining democracy.

Posted by Exile on June 13, 2006

Berthel Haarder was in the news when I got back home, saying that he was more careful in his choice of words after the Motoon affair.
Self censorship is apparently on the up and up in Denmark.

According to Jyllands Posten, several other ministers are openly coming out in agreement with Haarder. When asked if they thought that it was the right thing to do instead of having to consider the possibility of living under police protection, the defense minister, the employment minister and the food minister all agree. Yes.

In fact, the defense minister, Søren Gade took the discussion a little further. He feels that among leading politicians and MP’s, there is a growing self censorship especially after the Motoons. Although they are expressing the same sentiments, they are doing it differently. Read, politically correct, instead of just plain old honest. He then goes on to say, “I have no problem with self censorship as long as it involves only moderating the language one uses. It becomes a problem, when it prevents the forthcoming of opinion. However, I must agree, that we have started down the slippery slope where one must moderate one’s language more than we have done before.

So the rantings of the Islamists and the death threats and so on have apparently hit their mark.
Where are we, when even those who are elected to defend us and the democracy we so dearly cherish are now too frightened to do what we have put them in office to do? That is, to speak plainly, to make the tough decisions, to not give in to threats to this country or to the individuals who would destroy us? That very simple surrender renders government ineffective and cheapens our democracy as nothing else can.
I have another solution. Instead of placing our politicians under police protection, we should use those same police to round up the troublemakers, prosecute them for treason and eject them from this land.

But, of course, that would involve a political decision.

And who of these frightened people would be brave enough to set such an action in motion? None, I fear.

They have already surrendered. Shame on them.


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