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Al-Queda on the run?

Posted by Exile on June 15, 2006

It would appear that the good news is busting out all over. Things are finally taking a turn for the better in Iraq after the just and rightful execution of Abu-al-Zarqari. Even the BBC is getting in on the act. They are quoting a bubbling Iraqi national security adviser:

The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi marks the “beginning of the end” of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the country’s national security adviser has said.
Mowaffaq al-Rubaie said documents seized after the raid that killed Zarqawi had yielded key information about the militant group.
“Now we have the upper hand,” he told a news conference in Baghdad.

The beginning of the end. How Churchillian. I hope he’s right. There is no doubt that the death of Al-zarqawi has been a real setback for the forces of evil in Iraq. The contents of his hideout and the captured information that he had collected and compiled can only be seen as an asset that the Iraqi forces had dreamed of having.
According to Mr. Al-Rubaie they have recovered a laptop, a pocket hard drive and documents and that these all contained key information on the Al-Queda organisation. With detailed notes on names and places, they are pressing their advantage home and new information is captured with each new raid against the terrorists. The snow ball effect. The BBC continues with the good news:

According to a US military spokesman, US forces have carried out 452 raids since the killing of Zarqawi, leading to the death of 104 insurgents and the capture of 759 “anti-Iraqi elements”. Maj Gen William Caldwell said the raids had also yielded 28 significant arms hauls.He said 143 of the raids had been carried out by Iraqi forces acting alone, while 255 raids had involved US forces working with Iraqi security.

I do hope Osama Bin Laden is hearing this, and if he is, I hope he is worried. I hope he is very frightened. Someone, somewhere knows exactly where he is hiding out. If anyone discovers this information, I reckon the next laser-guided 1000 pounder will have his name on it. Even if it does have to land in Pakistan.
Here’s hoping.

Click here for the article.


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