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A bit of fun for a change.

Posted by Exile on June 20, 2006

Here’s a bit of fun I found on the net in some non-descript place I can’t quite remember. It will let you make coloured maps of places you’ve visited and give you a quick look at what type of tourist you are. Here is mine:

Your travel type: Rough guy

When the going gets tough, the rough guy gets going! Sleep outside, hike up mountains, eat raw lizards for breakfast, that’s his perfect holiday. Ten days of hiking through unspoilt jungle between Colombia and Panama, that kind of thing.

top destinations:


stay away from:


Strangely enough, they are dead right about Amsterdam, my favourite good time city, and the Ngoro goro. And Kilimanjaro. I loved the safari and yes, we slept in tents. So go take a look, find out what you may really be like and then plan your holidays, if it isn’t too late!

Follow the link below.

Get your own travel profile

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