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The support wing speaks.

Posted by Exile on June 22, 2006

One Danish blogger, whom I have been reading, has found some interesting stuff in an article in the Danish paper, Berlingske Tidende. It, in turn, comments an article in the (British) Financial times. My blogging colleague then goes on to make some interesting, if not amusing, comments to the article:
All that follows between the lines below is my translation:

Of the 500 individuals in 5 countries – Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – who were asked which country poses the greatest threat to world peace, 36 percent answered, The United States.

This is disturbing, but perhaps, not surprising. (A wild guess: France pulled the percentage up!)

The USA has doubtless many faults – what country doesn’t – but it wouldn’t drag 56 of it’s mayors through the courts as Turkey now plans to do, because they (the mayors) sent an appeal to Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen to not stop the Kurdish TV station ROJ, that sends from Denmark.
But the USA is seen to be a greater threat to world peace than Iran, which is in full swing, developing nuclear weapons while flying the bird at the rest of the world? I wonder what people will do when Iran’s theocrats annonce that they have (nuclear) missiles pointing at France, Germany and Denmark?
Probably the same as was done in the 1980’s: Demand that we sit down to constructive dialogue with these people, demonstrate for our own disarmament so as not to provoke them and then hope for the best. And, oh yes, give George Bush the blame for all of the above. Naturally.
One must not forget, the situation now is fundamentally different than during the cold war. One can say a lot about the Soviet’s leaders but they were, at least, not insane.On the other hand, Iran’s theological psycopaths are, and therefore it is imperative that they under no circumstances be allowed access to atomic weapons. That would be unacceptable and any other alternative is to be preferred.

But it is still the USA that poses the greatest threat to world peace?

Those that were looking for a little support for the US, need look no further.
My sincere thanks to the Turbanbomb.
Those who read Danish can see the blog here.
Perhaps, with a little collaboration, I can get this witty fellow to blog in English once in a while, thereby adding another voice to the Danish Infidel Resistance!


2 Responses to “The support wing speaks.”

  1. War. On Tv. said

    I’ve always wondered why the French put up a much stronger fight against McDonald’s than they ever did the Nazis. I’m not sure so many Europeans would beg for appeasement with Adolfdinjihad though. Even if it hasn’t yet made a huge impact on public thought, I think some of the signs from the London cartoon protests might stick with some people. “Europe is the cancer and Islam is the answer” and “You’ll come crawling when the mujihadeen come roarin'” are two that spring immediately to mind. And all of this anger aimed at Denmark? You’re a country that seems incredibly difficult to hate… And since then, I’ve actively bought Danish products. In the eyes of many, you looked like the small kid on the school bus who refused to back down from the Neighbourhood bully…It’s been permanently etched in my mind. Everytime I see your flag I think “Free Speech.” Maybe you can spread Danish values throughout the rest of the EU?

  2. Exile said

    Maybe you can spread Danish values throughout the rest of the EU?

    We’re trying Sir. We’re trying.

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