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The new world order.

Posted by Exile on June 24, 2006

I got myself into a rather heated discussion on the “Gates of Vienna” blogsite the other day. What dragged me into this discussion was a post from a blogger who is obviously upset at the brutal murder of two american soldiers in Iraq and he believes the time has maybe come for the US to turn a blind eye to the rest of the world, withdraw from world politics and recall it’s troops from just about everywhere. He is also upset at the lack of support from our press and he genuinely believes that we europeans do not have any sympathy for the americans as a whole. I disagreed and the fur started flying.
Putting that aside, I started thinking about the political implications of an american withdrawal and the military aspect of all this. War, I said, is an extension of politics. If the americans withdraw militarily from the rest of the world, then it will also be a political withdrawal, and I must therefore discount them from my ranting here.
Our view of the world is encumbent on the map we drew as we explored out from Europe. We placed ourselves in the middle and then moved out, east and west, north and south and men drew maps with that one anchor spot, Europe, as the benchmark.
We are all familiar with this map, America in the extreme west, Mongolia or wherever in the extreme east. This wiew was further strengthened after the second world war, when the continent was divided into East and West by the Berlin wall and the internal German border. Germany is now reunited, the cold war is over, East and West are now unified again. So, I thought it may be time to redraw the map. And here it is.

We now have the americas in the east, far removed from Europe, and Europe on the western edge. Having now decided that the US is in withdrawal and that as a resut of this , Nato is inevitably disbanded, where does that leave us?
Our main threat is now more obviously from the South in the form of Africa and from the South-East in the form of Persia, to give it a name we can all relate to.
We are back in the classic european quandry faced by the Greeeks and Romans. Our nearest ally is Russia. Not yet in the EU, but if america has withdrawn, we are going to hurry up and invite them. With american withdrawal from the now defunct Nato, it would be a good move for Russia to join too. It would expand their sphere of influence and would ensure them military security. They are equally as theatened from their southern regions as we are. It would also give us a guarantee of the vast natural resources available to us there, and the development that came with membership would accelerate Russia on its road back to world power status.
In the absence of the USA, Europe would be forced to combine its forces into a common European Defense Force. This would also be a good thing. France, for example, could no longer stand on the sidelines as it does today, only supporting NATO, not actually contributing. The member states would be accountable, jointly, for our defense. Countries that fight together, stick together.
This is, of course, pure conjecture. It is merely my simple appraisal under the conditions of “what if”.
But what if the USA did decide to back into itself and opt out of its role of world leader? Would either of us survive? The answer is of course yes. The americas would become more involved with each other, Europe would continue to evolve. There would at some point be war between Europe and the Arab world as oil ran out and we lost patience with the threats and constant terrorism. We would still call it North and South america, but after the war over there between Mexico and the US, and the subsequent annexation or subjugation of more of south america, Columbia, for example, then the world would continue on its way.
And who knows? Eventually there would be a new world order. Based on trade and not military expertise, on money and not human life. Both sides equally dependant on each other for their well being and for their common future.

Did I go “full circle” there?

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5 Responses to “The new world order.”

  1. Sperestillan said

    Well I think you argued your point very well, and some of the things being said against us were a touch unfair, lumping all of us in the same basket so to speak.

  2. War. On Tv. said

    Or more likely, Europe would bow down to the Arab world in order to keep the oil flowing, possibly even aiding conquests and excursions further south into Africa. (No one in Europe seems too concerned with what’s going on in the Sudan or Somalia for the time being…) If that were the case, I could foresee a massive migration from Europe to the US, Canada, and Australia. That’s merely speculation, and I hope I never see anything like that in my lifetime. I think any further violent demonstrations or terrorist attacks will only serve to push Europe closer to America…Journalists aren’t stupid. Though many of them may look down on America, if they start to feel threatened, the change in tone from European press would become obscene. I just hope Europe can pull itself together and maintain stability to prevent a pan-European intifada. I’m actually quite scared of the volitility of the situation now. Last November’s riots looked (and smelled if you consider the stench of burned out cars) like the first step of a “Eurofada.”

    But to say America would abondon you is a bit premature. Even though many in Europe seek to constantly distance the EU from the US, many in the US would see the fall of the EU as leading to a domino effect ending in our own demise. Besides, evacuating…er…uh…relocating even just 200,000,000 of you to America would be a bit difficult…Where would we put all the new soccer stadiums?

  3. Exile said

    War. on TV..
    I wonder.
    If , as I said we allied ourselves to Russia by letting them into the EU, the oil factor is removed, or lessened. There is a declining amount of oil in Persia and it will, sooner or later, dry up. At that point, Persia will be useless to us. All of us.
    Africa? I don’t know. I believe we should open the trade up and remove the barriers that are now in place, and begin to treat the africans as potential trade partners. Look at what happened to China when it got smart. I believe the african market could be equally lucrative.
    However, as you rightly point out, this is merely speculation and should only prompt us to think.
    Interesting scenario though.
    Perhaps I should develop my theories at a later date.
    Thanks for your input.

  4. War. On Tv. said

    I certainly agree that the end of oil would largely cut off the funding of militant islam in the west. I’m not a religious person, maybe I’ll never understand the thought processes at work…Since the west has most of the wealth and power in the world, we are a prime target for conquest. I wonder if any of the Islamists every wonder why their countries are such despotic hell-holes? What’s going to happen if countries like Denmark do get taken over by religious fanatics? Will the country remain wealthy? Looking at how the petro-dollars have never trickled down to the vast majority of Saudi citizens, I doubt it. It’s just disgusting to see how all of that money has been wasted… They could have the most educated population on the planet, with Universities as ubiquitous as Mosques.

    I think I learned something about the militant mindset in an article I read recently. In Gaza, the Israelis left behind some fully functioning Greenhouses that could have made some of them prosperous. After they were looted, some were torn down so they could have places to launch Quassam rockets into Israel.

    Though I understand the author who wrote the piece you were responding to, I don’t think America would be that quick to abandon you. It certainly looks like the EU and Bush have come quite close recently, largely due to the threat of a nuclear armed Iran. There is some antogonism on both sides, but I can’t imagine a complete end to the translatlantic ties built after WW2. One might not always get along with one’s brother, but would probably be loath to see him beaten by a deranged third cousin.

  5. ~Scott said

    You don’t have to look far back in history to observe America practicing isolationism. During the years between WW1 and WW2 America had little to no foreign policy, little foreign trade or influence outside its hemisphere.
    It took a very persuasive Brit and two countries declaring war on her to change that forever.

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