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Polling for dummies.

Posted by Exile on June 25, 2006

I´ve read a few pointless things in my time, but this takes the biscuit.

A recent poll shows that anti-Jewish sentiment remains overwhelmingly high in Muslim countries, and that solid majorities in Egypt and Jordan said that they do not believe that groups of Arabs carried out the September 11 terror attacks.

Now, isn’t that surprising? I mean, isn’t that just flabbergasting?

The source of this devastating piece of news, showing a deep divide between Muslims and the West, is a new 15-country poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

Muslims view people from the West, especially the United States and Europe, as selfish, immoral and greedy. People from the U.S. and Europe view Muslims as arrogant, violent and intolerant, the poll showed.

Well duh. And if we are so greedy , immoral and selfish, then why are we supporting thousands, if not millions of them by welfare payments and foreign aid? And they also forgot to mention that amongst being arrogant, violent and intolerant, I find most Muslims to be self-centered, dishonest, corrupt and ignorant.
Another astounding observation:

A solid majority in most of the 15 countries polled, both in Europe and in the Mideast, said relations between Muslims and Westerners are generally bad. And each side blames the other.

I wouldn’t have believed it had I not read it here. I am both shocked and amazed. It goes on to astonish me even further:

One of the more surprising findings in the poll was that solid majorities in Indonesia (65 percent), Turkey (59 percent), Egypt (59 percent) and Jordan (53 percent) said they do not believe the 9/11 attacks on the United States were carried out by groups of Arabs.

Well, blow me down. Then who did it? Who were those men that hijacked the aircraft and flew them into those buildings? Did it ever really happen? I am confused. Perhaps it was all a Hollywood stunt. A clever piece of filming by the infidels? Or was it done by, wait for it now, THE JEWS? It ain’t too far from “Hassidin” to “assassin” now is it. Good Lord help us. Mad killer jews amongst us. What shall become of us? We’re doomed.
Here’s another pearl:

But Muslim support for terrorism is dropping in some countries. In Indonesia, Pakistan and especially in Jordan, there have been declines in the number of people who say suicide bombings can be justified.

How could anyone say that suicide bombing is justifiable? It does not mention by how much there has been a decline. 1 maybe?

Among the other findings:

* Majorities in the Muslim countries polled say the victory of Hamas in Palestinian elections will be helpful to a fair settlement between Israel and the Palestinians. That position is solidly rejected in the non-Muslim countries.

* Overwhelming majorities in Muslim countries blame the controversy over cartoons depicting Mohammed on Western disrespect for the Muslim religion.

* Majorities in Western countries tend to blame Muslim intolerance.

The polling in 15 countries of samples ranging from about 900 to 2,000 adults was conducted in April and May and has a margin of error ranging from 2 to 6 percentage points. The polling included Muslim oversamples in the European countries. In China, India and Pakistan, the polling was based on urban samples.

The nations in which polling was conducted were China, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

What really gets my craw is this. How can it be necessary to poll 15 countries on this and not expect those answers? Is the whole world that uninformed that Pew feels it necessary to go out and ask such ridiculous questions and the come up with what is presented as a revelation to the peoples of the world? What purpose can it possibly fulfill? Unless it was carried out to show that the vast right wing conspiracy has been right all along? In which case the world is uninformed, and I applaud this poll.

Polls, schmolls. Here´s a poll question for all my readers:

Do you think it is OK to let rabid rottweilers wander freely in the streets?
Yes or No.

I’m really curious as to the outcome of this one.


6 Responses to “Polling for dummies.”

  1. Sperestillan said

    Put the rottweiler out of it’s misery. Then once that’s done, let’s put the muslims out of ours.

  2. War. On Tv. said

    It’s understandable why some people in Jordan now shun suicide bombing after it massacred a wedding party in their country. Palestinians, the world’s biggest kamikaze machine, seemed to be practically downbeat after finding out some of their own had been killed in the blasts. Funnily enough, groups in Israel didn’t fill the streets cheering and giving out candy either. With any hope, Al-Queda tactics could curb support for islamist movements because there is no zionist bogey-man to blame their attacks on. It is a bit surreal seeing Palestinians comdemning the bombing in Jordan as a crime though…Al-Z uses the same reasoning to justify his actions as do the Palestinians.

  3. Sperestillan said

    An Egyptian blogger is also pretty angry regarding muslim silence.
    Not sure how to put links on here so I’ll just put the web address of his page, although the article was written yesterday.

  4. War. On Tv. said

    I read that…It seems that Egyptian society is teetering on the brink of secularism and islamism, and many are rightfully afraid of the implications. If someone goes forward and starts destroying some of the greater works of art, then their tourism industry will suffer greatly. Thousands of Egyptians earn their living either directly or indirectly through tourism…I’m glad to see the voices of moderate moslems coming through.

  5. a guy in pajamas said

    Well, I don’t know. Maybe rabid rottweilers on the streets would be useful for those US states with concealed carry laws. You know, keep everyone sharp and whatnot.

  6. Mr. X said

    I vote NO!

    Unless it is thoose rotts

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