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Trial and execution III. (Retribution.)

Posted by Exile on June 28, 2006

The judges have finally handed down sentences in the honour killing case that has sent ripples through Europe.

Ghazala Khan’s father was sentenced to life imprisonment. Her brother, who shot her, and two uncles were sentenced to 16 years imprisonment. The rest of the family, an aunt and a cousin, were sentenced to 14 years imprisonment, and eventually expulsion from Denmark for life. The three ‘friends of the family’ were sentenced to eight to ten years imprisonment for their part in the affair.
Many will see this as being lenient, but by Danish standards, this was the maximum we could expect.

The Copenhagen Post reported the findings of the jury like this:

Legal experts predict that Tuesday’s verdict handed down to a family for an honour killing will have far-reaching effects on coming cases.

A Copenhagen court found nine people guilty of murder or being an accessory to murder on Tuesday. The case differed from other murder trials, however, because the guilty parties were family members and friends, implicated in the murder of a 18-year-old woman who broke ranks with her Pakistani family and chose her own husband. The ruling by the Eastern High Court was considered historical not only in Denmark but in Europe because it could set a precedent in honour killings.

The young woman, Ghazala, married Emal Khan in September 2005. Two days later, her brother, Akhtar Abbas, approached her and Khan in front of the train station in Slagelse, 100 km west of Copenhagen, and shot them.

Abbas admitted his guilt to the court, but claimed the shooting came in self-defence.

The court found not only the brother guilty, however. It also laid blame on Ghazala’s father for plotting the shooting, while uncles, aunts and a family friend were found to have acted as accessories.

Sentencing for the nine defendants was expected later in the week.

The ruling is expected to set a precedent in other countries where honour killings have taken place, said Mehmet Ümit Necef, a cultural sociologist at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

‘The verdict will have a significant preventive effect. Up until now, the attitude has been that in countries such as Denmark, you could get away rather easily with ‘honour killings’.’

The verdict’s significance was also outlined by Manu Sareen, an integration consultant in Copenhagen.

‘This verdict will send shockwaves through all of Europe, and I’m sure that it will have a preventive effect,’ said Sareen. ‘Crimes such as ‘honour killings’ don’t stop from one day to the next, but this is a clear signal.’

I have not been able to find a comment from The Copenhagen Post on the actual sentencing.

I can only feel a certain satisfaction with this. We have turned a half-blind eye to this sort of crime for too long and the time had finally come to put the brakes on this most heinous of actions. Honouring your father and mother is one thing, but to plot the death of, and then kill, your grown-up children for not doing something that you have unilaterally decreed is quite another.
Murder is still murder and that is dishonourable in any man’s language.

2 Responses to “Trial and execution III. (Retribution.)”

  1. ~Scott said

    Exile, Thank you for translating the news and keeping us updated on this situation. It is very hard to find news on this outside of Denmark.

    It will be very interesting to follow the ripple effect this causes in the coming days and weeks.

    If I were a betting man, I would bet lighter fluid and the Danish flag are in high demand in Pakistan right now.

  2. Vendelstedt said

    This is the position of those who are against immigration but scared of being called racist. They don’t dare speak of race and people, so they’ll only speak of religion; they conjure up images of a Muslim conspiracy, and they’ll attack immigrants for being too traditional. That is more politically correct. Nothing about race there, and attacking a tradition that is too traditional, you can never go wrong with that.

    Of course, the real problem is Arabs mixing with and having children with Whites, and the fact is that honor killings among the Arabs don’t hurt either Danes or us Swedes one bit. And finally, whatever traditions the immigrants may have, don’t you worry; in three generations at the most they abandon all discipline and conservative thought in favor of the MTV ghetto “gangsta” culture. It isn’t religion that makes them do drugs and drink alcohol and move in gangs, it’s the fact that they are non-Whites. Does that suit you better than traditional lifestyles? Then you and the anti-nationalist Whites, in Denmark and elsewhere, have something in common.

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