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I notice some improvement…!

Posted by Exile on July 31, 2006

Well, at least someone at the UN seems to be reading my criticism of the reports coming out of UNIFIL. This is a snapshot from the UNIFIL PDF file of the daily update.

Notice that he (the commandant) now says that Hizbollah fired rockets from the vicinity of the UN post prior to the Israeli bombing.

I think he also means that a perimeter wall was damaged.

Click on the snapshot to get a bigger view.

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Hezbollah – Who and what they are.

Posted by Exile on July 31, 2006

If you want to find out who and what Hezbollah is then go read this from The Sunday Times.

It is probably the best description of Hezbollah that you will ever read.

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Lebanon – Iraq. The connection.

Posted by Exile on July 30, 2006

I often go to The Times of London for a quick read of the blogs and comments one finds there. This one is both stunning and frightening. I recommend that everyone read it.

Lebanon is the sideshow to Iran’s sinister moves on Iraq.
Andrew Sullivan

While the world remains understandably transfixed on Lebanon and Israel, one fact bears keeping in mind: more people were killed in Iraq in the past two weeks than in Israel and Lebanon combined.

At their joint press conference on Friday, both Tony Blair and George W Bush mentioned Iraq but they understandably avoided the connection. One crisis at a time is the strategy — and Blair is now, willy-nilly, the bewildered president’s closest ally and indispensable bridge to the international community. But if the war in Lebanon was begun by an Islamist Shi’ite militia, the war in Iraq is increasingly being waged by a clone of the same. It is in some ways the same war: a resurgent Shi’ite terror machine bent on the destruction of Israel. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda’s guru, putting aside his enmity towards the Shi’ites for the sake of a joint war on Israel, said as much last week.

It would appear that someone at The Times has finally grasped the seriousness of the situation.
Read the entire article here.

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More "reading between the lines.."

Posted by Exile on July 29, 2006

This snippet from the UN newsservice website intrigued me today.

The UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) reported it is still waiting at the Syrian border with 500 tonnes of emergency relief supplies for more than 20,000 people, although it expects to get access to Lebanon early next week.

Now why would that be? The Lebanese government is screaming for humanitarian aid, the Syrians are whining about the humanitarian crisis and yet the UN convoy carrying aid for 20,000 people is stuck on the border? But hang on, we have heard of other “relief” convoys from Syria getting through. The world press has been telling us that the Israelis are bombing them.
So if they aren’t UN convoys that are going to south Lebanon, where are they really coming from and what are they carrying?
I’m prepared to bet it isn’t biscuits and bananas.

And again, UNIFIL’s (French) commandant has put the horse behind the cart in his daily briefing. He says, quote:

There were five other incidents of firing close to UN positions from the Israeli side. It was also reported that Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of five UN positions at Alma Ash Shab, AT Tiri, Bayt Yahoun, Brashit and Tibnin.

We all know by now that Hezbollah fired first and the Israelis fired back, but he continues, stalwart to the last, to write it that way round.
It seems, almost, as if he had been instructed so to do. Unless, of course, this is just personal bias?

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Nastygram nr. 645PB39

Posted by Exile on July 28, 2006

From: Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah HQ.
To: Local Commanders, South Lebanon.

Greetings my muslim brothers! May Allah hold your tiny hands in the dark. May the prophet look down upon you with his beady eye and bless your asses.

Right, that’s enough of the niceties you pile of stinking Jackals crap. You really aren’t doing enough to win this little shoot ’em up and it’s beginning to get embarassing for me here in the safety of northern Beirut. Not only are you not winning the war, you are also losing the press game too. Now, it’s time to re-examine the tactical handbook.

Firebases. These should be set up near UN peacekeeeping posts, hospitals, orphanages and schools only. No point in going out in the open. When these places get bombed, take pictures and send them to Reuters. Don’t forget, keep those weapons hidden from the cameras.

Defenses. Don’t waste your time digging defensive positions. Take a few able bodied civvies with you and make sure they are closer to the fighting than you are. You can just hide behind them. Children and women are fine. Tell the kids to run outside when they hear the whistle of incoming shells and “catch one for Allah”. Make it a game. Take pictures of the dead kids and send them to Reuters.

Weapons stores. Find a suitable house, with children, in the middle of town. The man should preferably be a cripple already and the woman pregnant. Loads of kids are a must. If the Israelis don’t get ’em before you have to leave, then kill ’em yourselves, blow up the houses and arrange the carcasses nicely in the rubble. Take pictures and send them to Reuters.

UN observation posts. These are great! If the issies get too close, then hide your weapons under the womens’ burkhas and then take them and some kids to the UN post and tell them that you are just a family trying to get out of the war zone. They will feed and shelter you so that you can go on fighting later. Use them.

Finally, bombs, bullets and memory cards for your cameras, food and water will be supplied later to the usual drop points as soon as the unmarked UN convoy gets through from Syria.

Now get out there and die like the martyrs you think you are, instead of whining about the lack of support from us up here on the border with Syria where we are having a hard time of it reading all about you. Me, the iranians and the syrians, are all behind you.

—————–End Nastygram——————-

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Reading "between the lines"….!!

Posted by Exile on July 28, 2006

Maybe I know why the Israeli forces brought fire down on that UN depot the other day.

From the news update at UNIFIL’s website, it is apparent that the Hizbollah have found a new tactic for their playbook. The UNIFIL news update states, quote:

“There were three incidents of firing close to UN positions in the last 24 hours from the Israeli side. It was also reported that Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of four UN positions at Marwahin, Alma Ash Shab, Brashit and At Tiri.”

I believe it should read:

“Hizbollah fired from the vicinity of four UN positions. Israeli forces fired back at three of these positions”.

But what do I know? I’m just drawing my own conclusions.

Anyone wanna bet I’m right?

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First ECRI, now CERD.

Posted by Exile on July 27, 2006

The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. I am sure of this as I sit here and read that Denmark is to be examined by CERD, The United Nations Commitee on Racial Discrimination, to see if it is doing enough to fight racism. A group of civil servants from from Geneva is to come to Denmark to question whether or not we are adhering to the convention for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.
Strangely, this examination comes shortly after the inaccurate, lacking and incorrect report from ECRI (the EU Commission against Racism and Intolerance) had been published. Coincidence? No, I don’t think so.

The ECRI report was so far off the mark that it was totally rejected by the Danish Government. So now it would appear that the EU is soliciting the help of the UN bully boys from Geneva to put us in our place.

ECRI decided that Danmark is a hotbed of racism, now CERD is going to make it a certainty, so that ECRI can continue the point the finger legitimately and without criticism. It is still wrong of ECRI to do so, but that doesn’t matter. They have decided it is so. After all, they wrote a long report saying just that, so now it must be confirmed. No point in confusing them with facts. And, of course, how can two “independant” commitees be wrong when they both agree? That both are financed and employed by the left wing liberals of the EU and the UN has nothing to do with it.

No. Difficult little non-conformist Denmark must officially be sent into the corner until it has learned its lesson.

It should be noted that the ECRI report states that Muslims are “a threatened minority” in Denmark. If there is any racism to be found here, it is in that minority. But that would never be published.

The representative on human rights from the Danish foreign ministry, Kim Vinten, doesn’t think we have anything to worry about. He says that the difference here, is that the delegation from Geneva will be here in person asking questions, not merely relying on documents and press clippings to form its opinion. He expects hard questions from the delegation but, as he says, “They are well informed. They will ask us what is being done. We will take it from there.”

Personally, I think he should welcome them in, tell them what he thinks of them, and then show them out again. Race is not a problem here. Religion is. There is a huge difference.

The Danes are not ones to be educated about what they should or should not think. We have a free society here, we speak freely and we think freely, and we don’t need ECRI from Brussels or CERD from Geneva to tell us what is right, or wrong, in Denmark.

ECRI, CERD, thanks for your comments and concern. Now clear off.

Hat tip: Jyllands Posten.

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Great moments in history. 600 BC.

Posted by Exile on July 27, 2006

Tyre. Lebanon.
The first evacuation.

Because Tyre was such a beautiful and wealthy city, it was desired by other empires. The history of the city has a dark side that was plagued by war throughout its history. The first of these battles started when Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon tried to conquer the city. He tried for thirteen years but Tyre stood up to his attempts. It is unknown if the mainland city was conquered with the residents taking refuge on the island or not.

Evidence shows some of the residents were evacuated by ship to early western democracies.

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The price of peace.

Posted by Exile on July 25, 2006

As the MSM focus is shifting to the possibilities of a ceasefire in the Lebanon, and the idea of setting up an “International Force” is taking hold, I thought it might be an idea to examine the current UN activity in “The Leb”. The UN force was set up in 1978 to confirm the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, restore the international peace and security, and help the Lebanese Government restore its effective authority in the area. Part one of that mission was a success. The Israelis withdrew as they had promised. They had met their side of the bargain. Everything else was a fiasco. The Lebanese never took control of the area and peace and security for the Israelis went home with them and never returned to the area.
UNIFIL was not a success and I have always thought that the UN peacekeeping forces should be allowed to enforce their mandate by force if necessary. As far as I know, this has never really happened. Self defense is OK, but otherwise it is purely a watch and report affair with no real influence. Observe, document and, for heaven´s sake, don’t get involved.

So what of UNIFIL? It was perhaps doomed to failure from the start. Originally a force of 4,000 it was increased to 6,000 and then reduced to the 2,000 troops that we now see on the border. Toothless and with no mandate to stop the building up of the Syrian backed Hizbollah and the PLO, it quickly fell into the simple job of biding its time and consuming its rations. Along the way, some 257 people have died in the service of UNIFIL. Probably of boredom.

All that must have cost a great deal. I went to look for the cost of having this useless dinosaur on the border and was astonished at the lack of information, but I did manage to dig up the current figures for the last twelve months, courtesy of UNIFIL’s webside.

UNIFIL: Location Southern Lebanon.Le Grand Chef
Headquarters Naqoura.

Duration March 1978 to present.

Force Commander:
Major-General Alain Pellegrini (France).

Strength (31 May 2006).
1,990 troops, assisted by some 50 military observers of UNTSO; and supported by 95 international civilian personnel and 304 local civilian staff.

Contributors of Military Personnel:
China, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Ukraine.

249 troops
2 military observers
2 international civilian staff
4 local staff
257 Total

Financial Aspects Method of financing:
Assessments in respect of a Special Account:
Approved budget:
1 July 2005 – 30 June 2006: $99.23 million (gross)

So the budget for 2,000 men under arms in the Lebanon for the last twelve months has been 99 Million dollars? What were we paying for? Now do the math backwards allowing for inflation, over 28 years, and you have a huge, almost pornographic, amount of money.

Pardon me for asking; Was it worth it?

The current estimates from the Israeli commanders is that the new force would have to be in the area of 10,000 to 20,000 men to secure the border. So you can multiply the money by at least 5, and up to 10, per annum.

I wonder, wouldn’t simply one nuke over Tehran tomorrow be a cheaper and more effective solution? No invasion required. Just decapitation.

I don’t believe that simply removing Hezbollah from Lebanon is going to be a solution that will last for ever. The solution has to be the complete eradication of Hezbollah and its paymasters.

Now that would be value for money.

By the way, I found a UN news site here. Some might find it useful.

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A grave situation indeed.

Posted by Exile on July 23, 2006

The first, and until now, only Muslim cemetary in Denmark is having a few problems getting underway. No sooner has the area been designated than people are beginning to protest it in the strangest of ways. Before it has even been blessed and dedicated, it has been vandalised. The cemetary is in Brøndby, a Copenhagen suburb, and has been at the centre of a controversy fom the start. According to the chairman of the Danish Islamic Burial Fund, Kasen Ahmad, the problems are so great that he worries that the cemetary project is in danger of failure and will be abandoned. The field has been ploughed up by cars, there are tyre tracks all over it and swastikas have been painted on the grass.
The vice-chairman, Ahmet Deniz shares his concern. “We are upset over this, and of course, we worry that this will continue after the cemetary is in use. We will not dedicate this place until we have our security in order”.
He blames the vandalism on “small people, that have little tolerance for others, thinking only of themselves and destroying not just their own land, but the possibilities for enrichment by living in a country with a diversity of people.”

(“little tolerance for others, – destroying their own land”….I wonder where they learned that?)

The vandalism has been reported to the police.

However, there is more going on than a little moonlight ploughing… And strangely enough, the same name turns up again. Apart from being the chairman in the Burial Fund, Kasem Ahmad is also a spokesman for the Society of Islamic Faith which has its headquarters on Dorotheavej in Copenhagen. And guess what? The “mosque” has also been vandalised.
Youths (sorry, couldn’t resist it!) have been reported throwing bottles and stones through the windows and breaking down doors. This has been going on for some time but, according to our Kasem, it has been getting worse after the Motoons and after Pia Kærsgaard from the Danish Peoples Party had labelled the society imams as traitors.

Apart from the vandalism, the society has been receiving a steady stream of hate mails. Kasem has made a nice collection of them and showed examples.

One said “Abu Laban! Get out of our country now, or you will die, you dirty muslim pig!”.

Sorry. No further comment on that one!

One is reminded of the old handbills in the wild west..

Hat tip: Jyllands Posten.

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