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Where did I go wrong?

Posted by Exile on July 4, 2006

I received this comment to part two of my little trilogy on the trial of the family that was convicted of murdering Ghazala Khan. The now famous ‘honour killing’ trial.
Apparently this guy is unhappy with the outcome, or at least my blogging of it, and accuses me of racism, anti-nationalism and, G-d forbid, political correctness.
(Now, I’ll admit to a being just a tad Islamophobic, I mean, read the whole damn blog and judge for yourself, but come on…!!)
Well, I hate to disappoint him, but race has nothing to do with it. I don’t care if you are black, blue, pink, yellow or just plain purple or from Mars. But murder is murder. That is the point. It cannot be justified by any reason.
Any-old-how, for those who don’t read the comments or missed this gem in some erroneous fashion, here it is, untouched, in all its pulchritude.

Vendelstedt said…
This is the position of those who are against immigration but scared of being called racist. They don’t dare speak of race and people, so they’ll only speak of religion; they conjure up images of a Muslim conspiracy, and they’ll attack immigrants for being too traditional. That is more politically correct. Nothing about race there, and attacking a tradition that is too traditional, you can never go wrong with that.

Of course, the real problem is Arabs mixing with and having children with Whites, and the fact is that honor killings among the Arabs don’t hurt either Danes or us Swedes one bit. And finally, whatever traditions the immigrants may have, don’t you worry; in three generations at the most they abandon all discipline and conservative thought in favor of the MTV ghetto “gangsta” culture. It isn’t religion that makes them do drugs and drink alcohol and move in gangs, it’s the fact that they are non-Whites. Does that suit you better than traditional lifestyles? Then you and the anti-nationalist Whites, in Denmark and elsewhere, have something in common.

This commentator obviously hasn’t had a good look around my site! Do I come across as a Leftie?

The ‘Member of the Anti-PC league’ badge, and the ‘Support Denmark’ banner, have apparently been overlooked. What is one to do?

Maybe he just supports honour killing and seees it as a tool to reduce the Muslim population. Which, I suppose is a reasonable arguement for a beleaguered Swede. In that case, he has a valid point. Maybe we’ve all been tackling it from the wrong angle. I just oppose anything traditionally muslim. This is one tradition that we should perhaps encourage?

In closing, I would invite him to go and look here.
I think that might help.

One Response to “Where did I go wrong?”

  1. Sperestillan said

    I have to admit I hadn’t noticed his comment until you pointed it out. It’s difficult to see exactly where he is coming from isn’t it? Is he saying that you are racist and pc? Or is he saying, stop hiding it and be open about it?
    But your point is true, it isn’t a race we oppose. It’s a pernicious little ideology which transcends race.

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