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No pain, no gain!

Posted by Exile on July 6, 2006

As part of the effort in Iraq, the Danish brigade were involved in the questioning of Iraqi prisoners after the fall of Saddam. One of these interrogators, a woman, was accused of being too aggressive and of abusing prisoners. She humiliated them under interrogation. She was accused of refusing to let prisoners have water and of keeping them in stressful positions for long periods of time. (Ooh! Dreadful!)
After a huge ‘exposĂ©’ with pictures and testimonies from (iraqi) translators, Annette Hommel was charged with torture and abuse and the whole media show began. The papers, the TV, radio, all got in on the act, about how we were illegally interrogating prisoners in Abu-Ghraid and all points west of Baghdad. The politicians got involved, especially those from the left. I don’t know how these politicians think an interrogation of prisoners of war is conducted, but I’m prepared to bet it isn’t done over tea and cakes. There has to be a certain pressure on the subject. I can’t imagine the questioning is along the lines of;

“Good morning Mr. Abu Al Akhbar. Are you a terrorist?”
“Oh, that’s OK then, you’re free to go”..

I found it hard to believe that one little woman could have been so terrifying for these Iraqi prisoners of war or the captured insurgents she was tasked to question, but that is by the by. She was tried here in Denmark in the full glare of the press and with indignant left-wing politicians screaming for an example to be made. ‘War crimes!’ they screamed. And it gave a perfect setting for a left-wing outcry against our participation in the ‘invasion and occupation’ of Iraq.
Though being found technically guilty of abusing prisoners, Annette Hommel was not handed any sentence, merely left to live with the findings of the court and a ruined career. She was not content with that and appealled the courts decision. And in my opinion, quite rightly so.

So it gave me great pleasure to read the following miniscule article that apparently doesn’t deserve any more attention from the Danish MSM:

Hommel goes free.

By The Copenhagen Post

The army interrogator found guilty of stressing Iraqi prisoners wins her appeal.

Annemette Hommel and four other military police have been acquitted of breaking Geneva Conventions by the High Court of Eastern Denmark.
Hommel and the four others had been previously been found guilty by a lower court. Due to mitigating circumstances, however, none of them area facing jail time.

Hommel appealed the decision handed down by a Copenhagen court that convicted her of calling detained Iraqis names and expletives while forcing them to sit in stressful positions during questioning.

Following the first trial in January 2006, Hommel said she was pleased and satisfied with being acquitted on some of the charges but felt that the court had laid down an unnecessarily hard line on the other points.

‘I can’t live with that,’ Hommel said after the first trial, adding that she had been convicted of something that was against her principles.

Hommel has yet to comment on the new, not-guilty verdict by the Eastern High Court.

Called them names, she did. Held them in stressfull positions. Well, well.

No hooking their genitals up to car batteries then? No beatings with clubs or heavy duty electrical cable? No tools or other impliments of torture? No pulling of teeth or fingernails? No poking out of eyes? No beheadings?

No, none of that. That is what she went there to put an end to.

How did this ever get to court in the first place?


One Response to “No pain, no gain!”

  1. Sperestillan said

    Could have been worse I suppose. Worse from the muslims perspective anyway, as she might have been tempted to do a General Pershing on them. If only she’d known what was going to happen she might have decided to be hung for a sheep rather than a lamb.

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