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Arla on the ropes?

Posted by Exile on July 9, 2006

If you take a good look at my sidebar you will se a little badge saying “Arla – no thanks”. Arla is the multi national dairy giant that caved in after being boycotted by the Arab world and apologised on behalf of all of us for the Motoons. They then faced a boycott here, and guess what, we’re holding out a bit longer than the arabs did. The domestic boycott is having an effect.
I found this in Jyllands Posten and couldn’t resist translating it for all to see.

Arla is losing ground to small dairies.
While Arla is slowly creeping back on to the shelves in the middle east, they are losing ground in the domestic market. Just as the Danes want beer from microbreweries, they want milk, butter and yoghurt from small ecological dairies.

Especially, the Thise Dairy has been a success. In just two years the dairy [..] has trippeled it’s sales of milk in the home market, while butter sales have ‘only’ doubled.
“The small dairies have take a meaningful piece of the market from Arla in the last three years”, Said Direktor Mogens Poulsen from Thise.

Good news. There are many of us that have not forgiven Arla for it’s selling out of our values. Their problems will only get worse as people also discover, that the small guys produce a better product. There is concern over the situation at Arla. More from JP:

Marketing boss Jesper Friis admitted to Ritzau (News agency. Ed.) that Arla has a domestic problem with it’s image. In the last two years the smaller dairies have increased their market by what adds up to five million litres of milk. Negative press for Arla and a good marketing of the Thise brand have been decisive.
“Once you have a negative image of a large concern, it is a long journey to get it changed” said Jesper Friis.
And despite the giant concern advertising that the cows they use feed on grassland and are looked after by real farmers, the customers continue to boycott them. In one supermarket in Copenhagen, the boss has accepted the consequences of the boycott and changed his main supplier to Øllinggaard Dairy. The sales from Øllinggaard have also more than trippeled since the shift.

Although Arla accepts they have a problem, they are still in denial over the Motoons. They insist that this trend has been coming for a long time and has nothing to do with the cartoon caper. The article continues with comments from more dairy bosses from all over Denmark all confirming what has been said above.
The simple truth is, that Arla made a huge mistake in putting profit before freedom of speech and putting its own interests before the interests of the nation. And now they are getting well and truly spanked for it. They deserve all they get. They offended us. They sold us out. They bit the hand that feeds them.

Personally, I demand an apology from Arla before I buy their products again.


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