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Danish coat of arms returned.

Posted by Exile on July 11, 2006

Wonders never cease. Here is the complete article that I found in the Copenhage Post.

Danish coat of arms returned.
By The Copenhagen Post.

The Danish coat of arms that went missing after Denmark’s embassy in Syria was torched five months ago has finally found its way home.
The Danish coat of arms that hung on the country’s embassy in Damascus, Syria made a surprise appearance at a Danish Youth Council (DUF) meeting yesterday. The large metal plate, now slightly banged up, was nicked during a violent demonstration and eventual fire protesting the Mohammed drawings.
The Syrian organisation Tabah Foundation got the coat of arms from an unnamed member who had participated in the demonstration in front of the Danish Embassy. The person did not agree with the protest’s violent nature and took the coat of arms from some of the other protesters, according to Walead M. Mosaad, a Tabah Foundation member.

Mosaad explained that the drawings had upset them as Muslims, causing the rioting.

‘It’s against our religion to burn and desecrate embassies, but in countries such as Lebanon and Syria mass hysteria simply took over. That was wrong,’ said Mosaad.

In diplomatic circles, a coat of arms is ranked alongside the flag and its concern caused concern for the Danish embassy. Members of the Tabah Foundation said they wanted to make up for the incident by returning it.

Disguising it as a painting, members of the Tabah Foundation smuggled the coat of arms into the country last week. They had to sneak it out of Syria as authorities in the country, who did nothing to prevent the burning of the embassy, have since tried to distance themselves from the incident.

‘I want to emphasise that the coat of arms was brought to Denmak as a nice gesture. We want to address people’s fears and beliefs that according to Islamic law and religion such behaviour is condoned,’ said Mosaad.

Jeppe Bruss Christensen, chairman of DUF, said the ministry of foreign affairs has been notified and the coat of arms will be turned over to them.

‘It’s a symbol of the respect and dialog from the many young Arabs who want to do something positive and not condone the violence that the embassy burning was a part of. It’s what our cooperation is all about,’ said Christensen.

Now, what was that about Greeks bearing gifts? But OK, my scepticism aside, I looked a bit further into this. After trying hard to find anything on the Tabah Foundation I found this website and had a look round. It is based in the UAE and has close links with the Danish Youth Council. The Tabah Foundation has a site under construction but it is not yet functional. For once, and I may be a bit naive here, I think I see some genuine moderation from a Muslim source. These people appear to be, (dare I say it), “kosher”!


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