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Definitely not cricket.

Posted by Exile on July 12, 2006

After the atrocities in Mumbai yesterday, I have to say that I am surprised by the lack of indignation from the press. OK, everyone in the Anglosphere and the EU has come out with the usual condemnation but that was yesterday and life apparently is going on in India today as if nothing happened. Had it happened in the UK or USA then the TV would be full of it still. It would be all over the papers. But not here. I wonder, is life considered cheaper in India than it is elsewhere? And, of course, there are so many of them…

I had a look at the Indian Times to see what it had to say. Surprisingly little, it seems. Are the Indians taking it with a shrug? I seem to remember not long ago, India and Pakistan were at each others throats over such things, but not today. Though there is little doubt who the perptrators are, or where they come from, there is not much reaction or rattling of sabres to be heard. In the Indian Times, I found a small article quoting the minister for foreign affairs, Anand Sharma:

“The international community has to speak in one voice against terrorism. Pakistan should fully join the battle in isolating and eliminating terrorists. The ultimate objective is to ensure that the region does not fall into eternal conflict due to terrorists’ designs. We have to first ascertain the identity of terrorists and then establish the source of their funding. There is a global network of militant organizations operating from the Pakistani territory.”
“When credible evidence is given to Pakistan, we would expect Pakistan to deliver on their commitment”

Sharma also lauded the residents of Mumbai for observing “remarkable restraint and maturity” and not responding to the “provocations of terrorists” as it might have led to a backlash from the Muslim community. India is home to over 140 million Muslims – the world’s second largest Muslim population after Indonesia.

“It shows that the people of this country do not want to walk into the trap of terrorists,” he stressed.

Which all seems a bit restrained in my opinion. I have a sneaking feeling that the military bosses in Pakistan are busy right now though. Something will have to be done about the border areas between Pakistan and India, and the Afghan-Pakistani borders are going to need some attention too, unles Musharaf wants to be met by another round of international criticism. If he doesn’t do something soon, then he is going to have a hard time justifying his staying in power and the pressure will begin to mount.
I can’t see India showing restraint for ever, and when the incursion comes, it will be huge. The cricket diplomacy may have worked last year, but this situation is going to demand something more, and to put it bluntly, a different kind of balls.

This may be the calm before the storm.


2 Responses to “Definitely not cricket.”

  1. War. On Tv. said

    Even worse, imagine the uproar if Israel had killed 200 civilians yesterday. I dare say we would have seen the same lack of interest in western media.

    It really looks like Syria is asking for it. After the abduction of Shalit, the Israeli’s should have put some forces into Gaza to stop the rockets, but amassed a much larger force on Syria’s border with an ultimatum of 12 hours to return the soldier and expel Hamas. It’s what the Turks did with the Kurdish leader and it worked like a charm. I’d say the next fly-by over Assad’s house shouldn’t just be a show of strength.

    I’ve posted a tongue in cheek look at Adam Gadahn, the caifornian who joined Al-Quaida. Check it out if you get a chance.

  2. Sperestillan said

    That same night these bombings took place in India, they had an editor of an Indian newspaper (can’t remember which one) talking on BBC’s newsnight. He had some very valid things to say, and castigated the western media for its silence.
    He was saying that these bombings and attacks have been going on in India and worldwide for years, and yet the western media and governments only sat up and took notice after the bombings in Madrid and London. He was saying that this is not an isolated problem, as the west tries to make it is, but is a world-wide problem which is being perpetrated by the same groups of people i.e. Islamists.
    I feel he was absolutely right, but unfortunately the BBC only gave him a couple of minutes of air time.

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