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Go Israel!

Posted by Exile on July 13, 2006

Now that Lebanon has declared war on Israel by attacking the Northern areas and abducting soldiers, they should only expect the Israelis to react in a similar warlike fashion. The art of kicking ass is well developed in Israel and one couldn’t envisage a passive response. I am sure the Lebanese government knows this but it does nothing to stop the terrorists on its borders anyway, so denial and hand-washing isn’t going to cut much ice with the IDF is it?
We should be behind Israel all the way. This was an act of war. But what did I find at Haaretz? This pile of crud:

EU accuses Israel of ‘disproportionate use of force’ in Lebanon.

By Haaretz Service and News Agencies.
BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union on Thursday criticized Israel for using what it called “disproportionate” force in its attacks on Lebanon following Wednesday’s raid by Hezbollah guerillas who killed eight Israel Defense Forces soldier and abducted two soldiers.

“The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel,” according to a statement issued by Finland which holds the EU’s rotating presidency. “The presidency deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified.”

I wholeheartedly disagree. I cannot justify this ridiculous statement from the EU. I think the time has come for us all to stand behind the Israelis and give them massive support. It is time the Lebanese government was trashed and if that means taking the infrastructure out, then so be it. If the country invaded was in Europe, then I could see the response clearly. Nato would be up in arms in seconds.

Israel didn’t ask to be invaded, it has every right to respond as it sees fit, and noone should question that. The Palestinians have been telling us for years that their warlike actions are OK because they are resisting invasion and occupation. Is it then not OK for Israel to do exactly the same?

Israel goes into Gaza, Israel gets criticised, Israel defends itself, Israel gets criticised. Israel gets invaded, Israel gets criticised.
This has to stop! The traffic is not all one-way.

Israel has the right to live in peace. And only Israel can guarantee it. Noone else is going to help them, or they would have done so by now.

So go Israel. Tell the fawning, arab-loving, EU social democratic idiots in Brussels to mind their own business. Give the lebanese hell. Put the blockades in place, sink their ships and shoot down their aircraft. Wipe the Lebanon (and Gaza) off the face of the earth if that is what it takes. Do all that you have to do.

You have my absolute support.


3 Responses to “Go Israel!”

  1. eatyourbeans said

    I’ll go further. Israel, if you think you need to, obliterate Damascus and Tehran. Just be sure you leave nobody alive to complain about it. Publically, the civilized world will go tut-tut. Privately, they will drink your health. I sure will.

  2. War. On Tv. said

    I think they should do their best to go after the heads of these organizations. If Meshal and Nasrallah claim they are behind the attacks, get rid of them. Hezbollah terrorists have acted with impunity for the past 6 years, and I think it’s about damned time Lebanon and Syria see that encouraging these acts has negative consequences.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

  3. Sperestillan said

    Yes, I’m sick and tired of the anti-semitism we see in the West. Israel has every right to defend herself.
    And as Melanie Philips writes the claims of inhumanity by the Israelis towards the people in the areas they’ve advanced to are totally untrue.
    “At the Karni crossing, over 100 truckloads of food and 14 generators were allowed in and at the Nahal Oz fuel terminal, 500,000 liters of diesel, 100,000 liters of gasoline and 125 tons of natural gas were allowed in. Earlier in the week, more than 265 tons of food, a truckload of medicine, over a 1,000,000 liters of fuel, 65,000 liters of chlorine and additional supplies were transferred in. Last week, more than 200 truckloads of food, 1,500,000 liters of fuel, and over 400 tons of natural gas passed into Gaza. Israel also continues to provide Gaza with an uninterrupted supply of water.”

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