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And the good news is…. Arab News.

Posted by Exile on July 14, 2006

There is no good news to be found in the western MSM. All condemning Israel and throwing their weight behind the now whining Lebanese government terrorists. Tough! They started this war, now let Israel finish it – again.
To find the good news, you have to go and see what’s being said by the Arab dailies. One to recommend is the Arab News website. I found two articles there and copied the headlines and leading paragraphs.

Scores Martyred in Israeli Attack.
Sam F. Ghattas, Associated Press.

BEIRUT, 14 July 2006 — Israel intensified its attacks against Lebanon yesterday, blasting Beirut’s airport and army bases in its heaviest air campaign against its neighbor in 24 years. Scores of civilians died in the violence following Hezbollah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers.

UN Resolution Condemning Gaza Attack Vetoed by US.
Hisham Abu Taha, Arab News.

GAZA CITY, 14 July 2006 — Israeli jets bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in the Tal El-Hawa area of Gaza yesterday, causing intensive damage and wounding 10 children in a bid to build up pressure on the Hamas government over a captured soldier.

Meanwhile, the United States yesterday blocked an Arab-backed resolution that would have demanded Israel halt its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, the first UN Security Council veto in nearly two years.

Yay! Way to go George!

Strange, I thought, the only people mentioned as being killed are 10 children. The headline says “scores of martyrs”. Ten is not even one score. It’s a half score. But hey, who’s counting?
I love reading about the scores of martyrs. We can never have enough of them. More please. I hope this continues a while yet. I would love to see Lebanon totally humbled by the Israelis. I would rejoice at the toppling of Hizbollah and their thugs. And so would a lot of the Lebanese themselves. It was heartening to read that George W. has come out on the side of the Israeli government. At least he didn’t blink when it mattered.
Another laughable side of the Arab dailies is the peacock like empty boasting that goes on. “Lebanon is ready for all out war”, I read somewhere. With what? They have an all out war going on now and I don’t see the Israeli army running back to Haifa with its tail between its legs. I think the Israelis have only just begun. Wait until they ramp up the war effort, then we’ll see who’s ready. Who was it who already asked the UN to fix a ceasefire?
Ready for all out war, my ass. Ripe for it, yes, but not ready by a long way.

So Israel, keep on going on! Give ’em hell. Flatten Beirut and squash the two faced terrorist playmaker Rasnallah like a bug. Rip the place to bits. Defeat and shame them again.

Now both me and George W. are behind you – you can’t lose!


One Response to “And the good news is…. Arab News.”

  1. War. On Tv. said

    I think that now is the time for the sane part of Lebanon to coordinate with Israel to free them from Syrian oppression once and for all. Everyone knows that this is a ploy by Iran through Syria and Hezbollah to inflame the situation…which has always worked against Israel. Maybe that is one of the negative consequences stemming from years of UN and EU directives ordering Israel not to fight. Now they are going to because they know they will be condemned for whatever they do…So the best thing that can be done now is that Lebanon can join with the Israelis for lasting piece…Throw those Hesbollah bastards out and let Lebanon control its sovereign land on all borders.

    Iran needs to watch out though…Adophdinjihad needs to be careful about what he wishes for. He wants conflict with Israel to take the focus off of their nuclear ambitions. But what happens when the Mahdi doesn’t come back and save him?

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