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Great moments in history. 1967.

Posted by Exile on July 14, 2006

May 30th. Israel.

Prime Minister Levi Eshkol sent a message to King Hussein saying Israel would not attack Jordan unless he initiated hostilities. Then on June 5th, Jordanian radar picked up a cluster of planes flying from Egypt to Israel. Egyptian officials told Hussein that it was their planes he detected. Presuming an attack was imminent, Jordanian troops began shelling West Jerusalem on Hussein’s orders. In actuality the planes were Israeli planes returning from Egypt after having destroyed Egyptian planes on the ground.

After just six days of fighting, Israeli troops had broken through on all fronts and were poised to attack Cairo, Damascus and Amman. Because of potential destruction of all three countries, a cease-fire was declared on June 10. Despite heavy losses, Israel had tripled its territory from 8000 square miles to 25,000. Now in its possession were the Golan Heights, the Sinai and all of Jerusalem.

I think maybe Lebanon should have a quick re-think.

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