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Touchy Danes.

Posted by Exile on July 15, 2006

As an observer of people and their practises, I can spend hours sitting at a roadside café watching those around me. It tells me a lot about local customs and even the individuals I am surrounded by. Humans can be a strange bunch. I do this all over the place and every time I travel, I reserve a little time for this pleasant distraction. I was a little surprised to find that others are equally involved in this and that the British Market Research Bureau has also been out on watch. Their findings surprised me.
The Danes, apparently, are top scorers when it comes to hugging each other. The Dutch and the French are the most reserved in this area. Danes laugh, dance and sing more than the populations of other european countries. The French laugh 20% less, on average, than their counterparts. Italians and french people are the most reserved and shy.

‘Danes are a product of a welfare society. We live more in the ‘now’ and don’t need to worry about the future. We are also less restrained because we aren’t used to someone standing over our shoulder all the time, as in other countries.’ said Lene Otto, a lecturer in the European Ethnology faculty at Copenhagen’s University.

So there you have it, it’s official, the danish vikings are happy cuddly creatures.
The French are shy, reserved and unamused.

Amazing trivia. I wonder what gives rise to the differences?

The only area where the Danes did not excel was crying.

The Greeks do that best of all of us.

If I lived right next door to Turkey, I would probably cry a lot more too.


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