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Change the UN. Give it teeth.

Posted by Exile on July 17, 2006

I just got through surfing through the various documents and papers compiled by the UN over god knows how long on the terrorist question. What is terrorism? How do we define it? Who is a terrorist? Who is not? This has been going on for years and we aren’t really any closer to a clear definition now than we were before 9/11. Well, not officially.
If ever there was better proof that talk is cheap, then I haven’t seen or heard it anywhere.

So I’ve decided that it isn’t really up to the UN at all. It obviously can’t or won’t agree on a definition and we should discount it and all the paper mountains.
Let’s look at things differently. Instead of trying to put all the terror groups into one basket, let’s go back to basics.

Take the middle East. If the palestinians want peace in their land, then they have to oust the people who continue to attack Israel. Similarly, the Lebanon. Most people say they want to live in peace with their neighbours. If so, then they have to point out the Hezbollah thugs and arrest and eject them. If their governments were serious about what they claim to be their aims of peace and common accord, then this would be a simple matter. But that is not so, is it? The government of Palestine is a terrorist organisation in itself. The government of Lebanon has two Hizbollah leaders in its parliament. Why is Rasnallah not already under arrest in Lebanon and being charged with terrorist activity? Why have the good people of Lebanon not demanded his arrest and expulsion or imprisonment? To me, it seems ridiculous that they then expect the rest of the world to take them seriously when they elect these war mongering fanatical idiots to represent them in the international dialogue. They must know this. It isn’t rocket science. So why would they do it?
I believe the answer is simple. The good people of these countries have nowhere else to go. There is no one international organ that can help them. The UN will try to talk the problem to death with a new resolution here, a new embargo there, and all to no real effect or result, instead of trying to forcibly eradicate it . Noone is going to fight the terrorist elements for them, they cannot do it by themselves and therefore they have to accept rule by vicious thugs. Once you have the military might, you also have the political power. Someone needs to be able to fight for them.
At the moment it is mainly the US and British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq that are taking on this role. They are trying to police the area by forcing the criminals out. In the Lebanon and Palestine it is the IDF. As I write this, Tony Blair and Kofi Anan are trying to assemble an international peace keeping force to go to the Lebanon and end the conflict. Undoubtedly the west will be asked to furnish the necessary money and troops.

But this should not be the case.

If one truly wants a war on terrorism, then it should be a truly independant force of well trained internationally funded troops under the UN that can go in anywhere at the relevant government’s request to fight these thugs no matter where they are. And this is exactly what the UN lacks. Teeth. If independant governments in developing lands had the backing of a truly international army at its disposal then half the problems we have today would disappear overnight. Fragile and new democracies would flourish under this security. If the UN had the military might to back up the words, then things would change, and change quickly. Peace keeping would be easier with dedicated troops with the mandate to fight back instead of merely having to observe. Syria, for example, could no longer threaten the Lebanon with impunity. Darfur would be peaceful overnight.

What I am advocating here is a dismantling of the huge bureaucracy that is the talking machine of the UN and the assembly of a world wide counter terrorist army that would be able to fight these people on behalf of, and by invitation of, individual governments within their own borders. Divert some of the billions of dollars into action instead of more meaningless resolutions that affect nobody.
This war on terrorism should not be a question of politics between individual countries or coalitions, it should be a fight for the whole of humanity.
Utopia? I don’t know. Better than the nothing we have now? Definitely.

Occasionally, one has to fight for peace. One cannot do it by words alone.
So, for my ten bobs worth, either disband the UN now or give it the where-with-all to defend peace. Everywhere.


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