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What resolution?

Posted by Exile on July 19, 2006

The BBC, being the BBC, has of course involved itself in the current Israel – Lebanon war. With its typical panache it mixes fact with biased opinion and one should be careful when reading the articles, to seperate the two. However, they are offering a kind of staus round up on where the various involved parties now stand. A sort of interim status quo, if you will. I read the entire article and had a little think about what I had just read. Two things stuck out in my mind. The UN and the Lebanese government. I realise that this is not a full examination by the BBC but I couldn’t help wondering why the beeb hasn’t expanded a little on these two. So I thought I would.

The United Nations:

The UN wants implementation of Security Council resolution 1559 of September 2004.
This calls in particular for “the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias” and “the extension of the control of the Government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory”. Europe has called for Israeli restraint.
However the resolution has never been implemented due to the difficulties involved.
So the UN, supported by Britain, is now proposing that an international force be inserted into southern Lebanon. This would have powers beyond the monitoring ability of the current 2000-strong UN force there, Unifil.
A UN team has been to Beirut and Israel to discuss the plan.

The resolution 1559 has been in place for two years and the UN has done nothing to enforce it. Neither has anybody else. The Lebanese government certainly hasn’t. The fact that the UN has had a presence in Lebanon for 28 years, and the resolution has been there for two years, why has the UN force not implemented it? What have we been paying for these past 28 years? And especially, the last two? What “difficulties” can possibly be so great, that the government, with the help of a UN rsolution and the assistance of an established UN force, cannot overcome them? If getting Hizbollah out of your own back yard is so difficult then I have a hard time validating a “sovereign” Lebanese government. Had they asked for UN assistance in doing just that, then all this would be unnecessary. I am sure the UN force would have been enlarged to accomodate the mission. The putting in place of an international force now is just too darned late to stop what would otherwise have been unnecessary carnage.

The Lebanese government:

The Prime Minister Fouad Siniora was in tears on television appealing for the UN to prevent a “disaster” for his country.
Mr Siniora is an anti-Syrian Sunni Muslim former finance minister who has presided over a coalition government comprising reforming elements of the “Cedar Revolution” with, for the first time, Hezbollah, whose right to “resistance” he has recognised.
He fears that this government will fall apart and that Lebanon will split along sectarian lines again – and that in any case is suffering unacceptable casualties and damage.

The biggest disaster to fall upon the Lebanon is the Hizbollah. Despite his tears on the TV, The PM and the Lebanese government are equally to blame for this war. Had they reacted to resolution 1559, then none of this would be happening to them. To allow Hizbollah to remain and to recognise them and their presence was folly from the start. To go so far as to say that he has recognised their “right to resistance” is eqally idiotic. Did he think he was saying OK to a debating club? No. He knows damn well what Hezbollah is, and he knew damn well what their mission in Lebanon was and remains to be. Allowing them to present candidates for governmental elections should never have been allowed. The simple fact that all that has been done, perhaps even despite the ill will felt toward Hizbollah by the majority of Lebanese, smacks of complicity.
Sorry Mr. Siniora, your tears are wasted on me.

So let’s get real, BBC. Israel doesn’t deserve the bad press you give it. They are merely doing what the impotent UN could or would not do. They are doing what a “Sovereign Lebanese Government” should have done two years ago.

The israelis don’t make resolutions. They show resolution instead.

And as for the EU asking for restraint on the part of the Israelis?
I think they have shown great restraint for the past 60 years. The time has come for a little action, and a lot of housekeeping.

Read the BBC article here.


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